Another Illustration That Tolerance Does Not Extend to Faithful Catholics

031015In another show of selective tolerance from the cultural radicals, there comes the following story, as related in Crisis Magazine. Here are some excerpts from the article:

In their zeal to protect students from any comments or opinions that may hurt their feelings, many professors [in this case at Marquette University] have created “safe spaces” in their classrooms—controlling all conversations in an effort to ensure that no one is ever offended …[Professor Cheryl Abbate]  made it clear that the classroom was not a [place for students doubting] the value of same-sex “marriage.” Such conversations had to be held in secret so as not to offend others … One student in the class decided to pursue this issue with Abbate after class … The student said: “I have to be completely honest with you, I don’t agree with gay marriage …”  Professor Abbate replied: “Ok, there are some opinions that are not appropriate, that are harmful.” 

When the student replied: “If I choose to challenge this, it’s my right as an American citizen,” Abbate responded: “Well, actually you don’t have a right in this class … to make homophobic comments, racist comments, sexist comments … I can tell you right now, in this class homophobic comments, racist comments and sexist comments will not be tolerated. If you don’t like that you are more than free to drop this class.”

In the “safe space” Abbate has created, homosexual students have the right not to be offended … But, where does that leave faithful Catholic students? Is there a safe space for them? … For Abbate, it is uncontroversial to have a safe-space policy that is only safe for those who agree with her about the value of same-sex “marriage.”

In December, Marquette relieved Professor John McAdams of his teaching and other faculty duties for blogging about the Abbate incident. According to McAdams, the student involved in the confrontation with Abbate talked with him about the incident, and McAdams took to his blog, Marquette Warrior,  [N.B. Professor Abbate] had also written of the incident on her blog but was not disciplined for bringing the matter to light … [The full article is here: Crisis Magazine online: Catholicism is Considered Unsafe at Marquette]

Welcome to “tolerance” as defined by secular radicals. In their lexicon, “tolerance” is “your right, actually, your obligation to agree with me.” “Live and let live” means, “you have the right to live only where I say and under the terms I set.” “Bigotry” applies only those speaking out against the classes they say are oppressed. “Phobes” (as in homophobes) are those who oppose their  agenda. “Hate” only exists against the classes they say are “protected” and that they have defined as “oppressed.” Apparently, it is not possible for religious or social conservatives to be the object of hate, since hate only comes from social conservatives. Or so it would seem from their behavior and policies. And very few will question them on this  due to the support of secular media and to the pressure to be politically correct.

Pope Benedict spoke frequently of the “tyranny of relativism.” Essentially, this means that when a culture decides there is no fundamental basis of truth (whether from Scripture or Natural Law), the result is that there is no real basis for discussion or resolution of issues. Thus, who “wins the day” is based not on reason but on who shouts the loudest and/or who has the most power, money, or political influence.

In a relativistic  world, the way forward is not to appeal to reason by reference to Natural Law (in philosophy), or to constitutional principles (in political discourse), or to Scripture and Tradition (in theology). Rather, the way forward is to gain power and to implement an agenda that excludes all opposing views.

Farewell to reason rooted in agreed-upon principles; hello to tyranny rooted simply in opinion and power.

Revolutions that ride in on the train of “freedom” more frequently usher in a reign of terror, as those who claim to be oppressed, suppressed, and repressed take up their new power and then themselves turn to oppression, suppression, and repression of any whom they consider to be on the “wrong” side of the issues.

Expect more of this “tolerance” from social radicals. The tyranny of relativism has ushered in a very poisonous and dangerous climate, one that has little room for any true discussion or tolerance. And remember, what social radicals mean by tolerance has nothing to do with tolerating you … unless of course you belong to a class or group they favor.

It will require greater and greater courage from those of us who still think of truth as something higher than ourselves. And if you think that is an exaggeration, just try to point to Natural Law, the Constitution, or (gadzooks) Scripture, and brace yourself for the immediate scorn that will be heaped upon you. And never mind that Marquette is (theoretically) a Catholic college, where one might expect Catholic teaching to at least be explained and allowed a place at the table. The radicals have no fear of this and, sadly, have made such inroads that they operate without hindrance even at many (though not all) Catholic colleges.

The proud reference to what some call tolerance is nothing of the sort. Be sure, dear reader, that if you are a Catholic who accepts the teaching of the Catechism on homosexual acts, marriage, and many other critical moral issues, their notion of tolerance does not include you.

A heavy post needs a little levity to balance things out. Enjoy this video of Christian humorist Tim Hawkins that brings to mind another display of selective tolerance from a couple of years ago.

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  1. the very-intolerant grammar police is issuing the penance of reading Strunk and White for leaving the apostrophe out of “you’re.”

  2. You must have written this before the news came out about the city of San Franscisco requesting the Catholic bishop over that area to stop teaching Catholic doctrine in schools because it goes against the city government’s position on rights for same sex marriage, birth control and GLBT lifestyles.

  3. From Wikipedia: Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible.

    It seems to me we have entered into a totalitarian society. I expect the persecution will get much worse before it gets better. But lies can never be the truth. Totalitarian powers can punish, destroy (economically or politically), and even kill someone for saying the truth, but truth will always win in the end. Some people will cave in rather than suffer the punishment, some will suffer the punishment rather than acquiesce, but the truth will always be true.

    It is unconscionable to be forced to lie to be able to get a good grade in school, which will affect your employment; to be forced to lie to be able to get a good job; to be forced to lie to what –get adequate shelter? buy heat and food? Maybe.

    I think people need to be bolder about their reaction to this brow beating. I think they need to say, “I will never accept that lie; I in good conscience cannot accept that lie, and it is wrong for you to demand I do so to avoid your punishments. What good is it to mankind to live in lies? Lies about ourselves are destructive and counter productive.” and so on. I think if you are going to be punished anyway, you may as well speak the truth in love.

  4. We are, I think, now in the times when we will be annihilated because of our faith. CHRISTians in the Middle East and North Africa are now paying with their own lives to practice their faith. Governments in Europe, North America are tightening their nooses on those who want to practice their CHRISTianity. Secularists and lgbts are forcing their disordered ways on our children’s education. Does the Church in its faith need the blood of the martyrs in order to bring about a conversion of hearts? Are we ready to shed blood for the Glory of GOD? Will JESUS find faith and love for GOD when HE returns? Pray that HE will. GOD Bless HIS people of faith.

    1. You are absolutely right … and there is no doubt in my mind that SATAN is behind all of this. Come, Lord Jesus!

  5. I think one reason that many corporations support the GLBT movement/so-called same-sex marriage is so that the tv shows will be such that people either instinctively or consciously prefer the tv commercials to the tv shows.

  6. Similar issues started when I was in college, a prominent Catholic university (I’ll just say sometime last century). A dean was seeking student support for a policy regulating university speech. He had good intentions. My response was then, and is now, “We have one. It’s called the First Amendment.” It allows for the free exchange of ideas and views. It does not allow someone to cause harm (e.g. yelling fire in a crowded theater or using “fighting words.”) Sometimes its just common sense. A classroom discussion on the pros and cons of gay marriage, especially in say a philosophy class, good. Calling a student hurtful and derogatory names, not good. Or in today’s news, banning a fraternity for outwardly promoting racism, of course they should be banned. Universities have the power to take action when someone clearly crosses a line. Policies that attempt to micro manage ideas defeat the very concept of a university.

  7. We are, I think, now in the times when we will be annihilated because of our faith. CHRISTians in the Middle East and North Africa are now paying with their own lives to practice their faith. Governments in Europe, North America are tightening their nooses on those who want to practice their CHRISTianity. Secularists and lgbts are forcing their disordered ways in our children education. We are at a crossroad where we will required to choose and show our real color, are we for CHRIST or for the world (satan decoded)? Already in government institutions, corporations, secular universities/colleges and public schools, we are not allowed to even say something about JESUS or GOD or else we become an anomaly. Pray and intercede we must for a culture that will respect our faith. YHWH SHAMMAH!

  8. I think it funny that we now live in pre WWII Poland and none of the “highly evolved” liberals can see it.

  9. This is an interesting article in the sense that “safe spaces” are being created to protect people from the brutality of life.

    The question that I ask myself is this. Is it possible as a human being to create a safe space within one’s conscience where one cannot be held responsible for our actions or inactions?

    Can we exist for a full life-time without accepting any responsibility for our……… dare I say it “Sins”. Is truth now subjective? Are morals now virtues? From my experience in this life I often see and interact with people that are so enslaved by relavitism that say one thing and then a few months later deny that they said it like this or like that, use the excuse of a bad memory to cover their tracks of web spinning, they think that they are free but they are trapped and I hope and pray that they see the reality of man’s world, this illusion, this passing moment……….. because as Mark Twain once said If you tell the Truth you do not have to remember anything. Mark Twain forgot to add if you tell the truth be prepared to suffer for it but…. remember the truth will always set you free.

  10. Notice that the words ‘tolerance’ or ‘toleration’ do not occur in the Crisis article. The secular radicals only use the idea of tolerance while their agenda is not accepted. Once their agenda has been accepted (as in legislated) then they drop the notion of tolerance very quickly. Thereafter it becomes a simple: You will accept our ideas, or else.

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