Practice and Perseverance Make Perfect – As Seen in a Pong Video

What do Pong shots have to do with holiness? Very little! But what if holiness weren’t so impossible after all and what it really took was God’s grace interacting with some practice and perseverance? Maybe the seemingly impossible would be seen by our very eyes.

Think about it and get started. No, not with Pong shots, but with virtue.

It is amazing what a little daily practice and steady growth can produce. I marvel at what the Lord has done for me over the years of practicing the sure and steady discipline of prayer, sacraments, Scripture, and fellowship (cf Acts 2:42). Day by day, my growth has been almost imperceptible and there have even been setbacks, but looking back over the past twenty-plus years, I am astonished at what the Lord has done.

As you watch this video, consider that these young men did not just wake up one day and film this on the first take. I’m sure their skill took years to develop. And while we may wish they had spent their time on something more noble, the principle still applies: consistent, persistent practice produces wonders.

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  1. Very impressive, and everyone needs to find something to do for recreation. But maybe they should take out the garbage once in a while? (in the shot of the kitchen, the garbage is overflowing…)

    I have noticed in my own reflections that our spiritual lives grow a lot like the plant kingdom – slowly, imperceptibly, we change and grow like a seedling into a tree. And the analogy holds in many ways; storms and adverse conditions can damage us, but can also make us stronger; sometimes we need to trim away parts that are dead, or are not fruitful; in our maturity we can provide a place of shelter, sustenance, and protection of other lives; and even an old weathered tree can be beautiful and well loved. If we let Him, God will bring about a fruitful maturation of us, slowly, over time, until we become what He wishes.

  2. I thought this post was about the ancient video game until I starting watching the video.

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