On the Hidden Rescues by our Guardian Angels, as Seen on TV

102414Most of us struggle with the fact that God allows bad things to happen to us. Why does he not intervene more often to protect us from attacks of various sorts, and from events that cause sadness, setbacks, or suffering?

While mysterious, the clearest answer is that God allows suffering in order that some greater blessing may occur. To some degree I have found this so, since some of my greatest blessings required that a door slam shut, or that some suffering be endured. And so if my college sweetheart had not dumped me, it is likely that I would not have the very great blessing of being a priest today. Had I gotten some of my preferred assignments in my early years as a priest, I would not have been enriched by the assignments I did have. Those assignments have drawn me out and helped me to grow far more than the cozy, familiar placements I desired. Had I not entered into the crucible of depression and anxiety in my 30s, I would not have learned to trust God as much as I do, and I would not have learned important lessons about myself and about life.

So despite that fact that we understandably fear suffering and dislike it, for reasons of His own, (reasons He knows best), God does allow some degree of it in our lives.

Yet I wonder if we really consider often enough the countless times God did step in to prevent any number of disasters in our lives. We tend to focus on the negative things in life and overlook an enormous number of often hidden blessings, down to every beat of our heart, every proper function of every cell in our body – all the perfect balances that exist in nature and the cosmos in order to sustain us.

Just think of the simple act of walking and all the possible missteps we might have taken but did not. Think of  all the stupid risks we have taken in our lives, especially when we were young, that did not end in disaster. Think of all the poor choices we made, and yet escaped the worst possible outcomes.

Yes, we wonder why we and others suffer, and why God allows it.  But do we ever wonder why we don’t suffer? Do we ever think about why and how we have escaped enduring the consequences of some awfully stupid and foolish things we have done? In typical human fashion, we minimize our many, many blessings, and magnify and resent our sufferings.

I have a favorite expression, one that I have made my own over the years, that I use in response to people who ask me how I am doing: “I’m pretty well blessed for a sinner.”  I’ve heard others put the same sentiment this way: “I am more blessed than I deserve.”  Yes, we are all pretty well blessed indeed!

I thought of all that as I watched the commercial below, (aired during the Super Bowl). And while it speaks of the watchfulness of a father, it also makes me think of my guardian angel, who has surely preserved me from many disasters.

As you watch the commercial, don’t forget to thank God for the many times He has rescued you, through the interventions of  your guardian angel. Thank Him too for His hidden blessings—blessings that, though you know nothing of them, are bestowed by Him all the same. And think, finally, of the wonderful mercy He has often shown in protecting you from the worst of your foolishness.

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  1. This was just wonderful! It happens to be something i use in my street ministry. it began when a man came to me grumbling that nothing good ever seemed to happen to him. That God never answers his prayers. i looked at him long and hard and began a litany of things that had NOT happened to him. He hadn’t gotten beaten up, He hadn’t gotten hit by a car. He hadn’t missed a paycheck and he still had his wife and his kids who loved him.

    The exact same thing i used to tell my husband when he got a rare fit of the poor me’s. This guy looked poleaxed. Finally he got this great big goofy smile and said “Gee! I never thought of it like that 🙂 We all need to keep that in mind. Wake up with the full use of your limbs and your faculties? Thank God! Didn’t trip or slip in the shower? Alleluia! Gee! Let us get used to thanking Him just cos we have the wits left to do so!!! <3

  2. After a long week of training and very little sleep, I faced a 9 hour drive home. Somewhere south of Albany, New York, I clearly recall taking my hands off the wheel, tucking my coat against the side window like a pillow and going to sleep. While going 65 mph. I don’t know how long I was asleep, but the landscape when I awoke was unfamiliar. Ahead of me–and behind me–stretched a National Guard convoy that had not been there when I fell asleep. Someone drove that car for me, weaving in and out of traffic, while I slept for all those miles. I had never really believed in Guardian Angels before then, but have never doubted them since.

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