On the Futile Quest to Find Happiness from the World, as Taught to us by Ormie the Pig

The video below is a humorous depiction of the utter frustration of seeking our fulfillment in or from this world. Ormie the Pig seeks cookies that are just out of reach and he will go to every length to get them.

Many are like this in our world. In a quest for illusory happiness, many will spare no expense, and even self-destruct seeking to fill the God-sized hole in their heart.

But it never works, because our desires are infinite, and a finite world just can’t seal the deal. We are always left unsatisfied. Our complete fulfillment can only be with God. For now, we walk by faith toward Him of whom our heart is says, “Seek his face, seek always the face of the Lord!”

Seeking the Lord does two things for us immediately and in growing measure. First it helps us stop thinking that finite things can really satisfy us and increasingly ends our frustrating, futile and intense running after these things. Secondly, as our prayerful union with God deepens, our satisfaction with the Lord also deepens and becomes more desirable than the finite things of the passing world; increasingly we can say that God really does satisfy.

In the video Ormie is a very unhappy pig because no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get what wants. And the world also seems to taunt him as he tries. And frankly, even if he did get the cookies, they would satisfy for twenty minutes, max.

Allow the cookies to represent happiness. Ormie spends his whole life focused on pursuing something this world can’t give him. An awful lot of people live like Ormie, forever running and chasing butterflies. Somehow they think that if they just get the thing they seek, they will be happy. They will not, at least not in the infinite sense their heart really seeks. Wealth brings comfort, not happiness. The finite world just can’t give what many want it to give and are always pursuing.

Enjoy this video. It’s very funny. Often humor registers in us because it contains an element of truth that we recognize in our own self. So laugh, and learn with Ormie the Pig!

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  1. This makes me think of my idolatrous quest for an ideal marriage…now that I’m divorcing, my life is focused on prayer and penance, and I am much happier. 🙂

    1. Of course marriage is a vocation ordained by God for most people, and God puts the attraction in us for the opposite sex for that, however marriage or a relationship with the opposite sex cannot fully satisfy us.

      Many people believe that that sort of thing can fulfill.

      At first, in a marriage relationship the emphasis is on looking at each other, but to find true happiness both must eventually turn to face God.

      If the marriage does not work out due to no fault of your own, full happiness is found in union with God through prayer and penance as you are doing.

      I too had that idolatry earlier in my life, but providence slammed the door shut on that one so that I am to seek God alone.

      He truly does satisfy.

    2. Er…Jennifer.
      Aren’t you actually admitting you’re Ormie the pig, and proud of it?

  2. Cute video! Thank you!

    You know, I have to remind myself almost every day that we will not find true happiness in this world – only distractions and “vain” things. We are pilgrims, just passing through.

    Just yesterday I read that Our Blessed Mother promised St. Bernadette that she would be happy NOT in this world, but in the next. And St. Louis de Montfort, as a blessing to others, wished them “little crosses”.

    Also just yesterday, I made some cookies and stuck them on top of our refrigerator to keep them away from my youngest!

  3. Monsignor,
    This YouTube is funny indeed, but also brings deep feelings of sadness. Even knowing this “quest” is futile, the nature of being a human makes it happen over and over spiraling down into a almost bottomless pit and it’s really hard to crawl out. So sadness rules over the humor. Thanks for posting and as always you are spot on and a true inspiration. You give hope that there is a possibility of a happy life.

  4. A lot like so many things in life, just get the “next” and I’ll be happy. Really relates to the curse of video games.

  5. There is much good in the fleeting glimpses of heaven found here. They often are reminders of the ultimate good, of course. The metaphor piggy is a good one. It is a reminder of the excesses of a heart’s imbalance. Heaven on earth the Lord readily provides to those who love Him above all people, places, and things. He made no mistake when He saw all that He created and judged it good. We are capable of good. Our happiness is in that very good called holiness He clearly sees in us through no merit of our own.

  6. Happiness in this life is temporary and fleeting.
    For a happy marriage, devote yourself first to the Lord – attending Mass regularly, praying the Rosary often. Ask the Lord to guide you to someone who is also devoted to Him. Ask guidance to discern whether the person or persons you meet are sincere in their devotions. Discuss with each prospect your expectations in marriage – how many children you want,for example. Then pray some more.
    No one is perfect, but even an imperfect mate can be compatible. Prayers together with your partner help in times of sorrow (which do happen. Our youngest daughter died 2+ years ago, and we still feel that loss.)
    But we need to help others, and not sit in a funk all day.
    We thank God for the gift of experiencing her during the years she was with us.

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