More evidence that those who say they want Abortion "Safe and Legal" are not really serious about the "safe" part

071513Many of you are aware that last week the Texas Legislature passed historic legislation that significantly limits abortion in Texas and shows that the claim of the “Pro-Choice” abortion advocates that they mere want abortion “safe and legal.” For the Texas Law places significant requirements that so-called “clinics” must meet basic medical requirements and certification. All of these requirements will significantly enhance women’s safety from unsafe and shoddy medical practices all too common in abortion “clinics.”

Now, of course, pro-choice advocates, who have long marched under the banner of “safe and legal,” should hail the Texas decision since it goes a long way to ensure one of their two “pillar” positions (i.e. that abortion be “safe”). But of course they are not, they are howling in protest.

Yet as strong advocates for “women’s safety” they claim to look back in horror to the days of “coat-hanger” abortions and insist that those days must never return. So, surely, they will support measures to further protect women from the often unsafe, unsanitary and under-regulated women’s “clinics.” Many stories have recently surfaced that show just how unsafe these clinics are. For example


Well, you get the point. There are huge problems in the abortion “industry” regarding safety. The pro-choice advocates claim they want to have safe abortions available. Here comes Texas to the rescue with strong legislative protections for women who go to these so-called clinics. But as we can see from the reactions above, the “safe and legal” advocates are well prepared to sacrifice safety in order to keep abortion more legal.

It is clear that regulating abortion will limit its availability. Hence the “Safe” pillar, they claim to be at the foundation of their movement, has to give way for the legal pillar. Never mind that some women are butchered and even die.

It would seem it’s really the “legal” of “safe and legal” that matters. Or so it would seem. For all the talk about women’s safety, it would appear that such a concern is quite secondary.

Hence, the Texas Law puts the lie to the propaganda of the Pro-choice advocates. “Safe” for them appears to be more of an abstraction or a slogan. Real safety doesn’t seem to interest them, or at least, it seems to threaten them.

Without a doubt, the victory in Texas is a sad and ironic one. Focusing on women’s safety is a fine goal in itself. But, what of the safety of the unborn children? Well, step by step we’ll make this journey to recapture of the hearts of our countrymen. As for the safety of women, fine, but half of all babies killed are female. Would that Pro-Choice advocates really care about the safety of all women and children.

Here at least is a step to further exposing the hypocrisy of many who cry “safe and legal.” Here at least is a step in seeing that women who are often pressured to have abortions are not easily subjected to the horrors of an under-regulated “industry.”

Here is a video of the prayers on-going before an awful late term abortion clinic in Maryland. Take a few moments and watch. And while you watch, pray. One of those organizing the prayers says with confidence, “Carhart will leave soon.” And surely our prayers will help in not only that, but his conversion as well.

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  1. Msgr. Pope,
    my heart aches with the killing culture we have become, from the womb through abortion, youth through gang killings, to adults on death row.

    I live in a town of 10,000 surrounded by three reservations making the area population of 40,000 and the Planned Parenthood in our town opened two years ago. The clinic has no doctor on site, only a paid technician who looks at a computer skyping a doctor who does a virtual exam, orders the technician to open the cabinet and give the patient the pill – RU248. We marched on Saturday and will hold strong this winter when the temps dip well below O F.

    Msgr Pope, you are an inspiration and beacon of light in the culture of fog.

  2. Why this tremendous push for abortions? When you think about it, the biological point of sex is to make babies. Babies are not disposable. Or they should NOT be considered disposable. I want so much to show my children that a life of discipline and restraint is the only way, especially in regard to sex.

  3. So sad and twisted – the whole thing! It’s like you wrote: “What of the safety of the unborn children?”

    Sure, pro-choice advocates prefer “safe” abortions, but not if that means obtaining them becomes more difficult due to cost increases and regulations. How inconvenient! Perhaps their slogan should be “convenient and legal”.

  4. The most significant thing that happened last week in Austin wasn’t that a pro-life bill got passed; it was the crumbling of the “necessary evil” fig leaf that for decades has shielded abortion from too much moral scrutiny. Hordes of unhinged, orange-clad banshees telegraphed to the nation a callous disregard for the unborn matched only by their casual attitude toward sex. I’ve got to believe that the campaign to enact restrictions at 20 wks gestation is as much about probing abortion proponents to find out where they would locate a line of decency as it is about instituting measures of humane reform. Well, now we know: there is no line. They want abortion at any time, for any reason, and they want us to pay for it. I think most Americans are losing their stomach for this.

  5. The case of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murder in May because of several incidents of infanticide at his truly horrific Philadelphia abortuary, shows that abortion promoters are not concerned with safety at all, but with widespread availability at any price.

    The pro-abortion and CATHOLIC[!!!] former governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge, made it state policy not to inspect abortion clinics so as to avoid erecting a “barrier” to women seeking an abortion. As the grand jury that indicted Gosnell mentioned in its report, nail salons in Pennsylvania were subject to greater scrutiny than abortuaries:

    If there’s a silver lining in the Gosnell case, it is that Tom Ridge will not likely run for public office again. His opponents would have an easy time of effectively making Kermit Gosnell his running mate.

  6. Moral depravity, that’s what it is. We have become evil in our grab for liberty and pursuit of happiness which eventually turns us into glorifying and proclaiming ‘heil satan.’ Women shout, ‘this is my body, I do with it as I choose.’ JESUS declares, “This is my body which will be given up for you.”
    I came from a family of which about five of my siblings were aborted out of poverty. My parents suffered terribly and immensely before dying due to cancer and heart ailments. It was good that they both were able to confess our family’s generational sins a couple of months before succumbing to each death. We now bear the spiritual stigma within us and pray to GOD every minute of our lives that we and the succeeding generations be spared of GOD’s visiting the iniquity of our family up to the fourth generation. By the Grace of GOD, we have become an encountered family, ie, we attended, a Family Encounter Weekend with JESUS and felt HIS Loving embrace for each and every member and the family as a whole. We pray for all those contemplating right now to abort their baby, please do not do so. You are sowing and will be reaping curses upon curses not only to you but to your family and to the succeeding. AGNUS DEI qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

  7. Why do they not want women to have full informed consent, which is seeing what you are actually killing on an ultrasound? Oh, because women often change their mind then.

    Every week at Mass I pray that one pregnant woman in a crisis pregnancy, just one woman, changes her mind that week and chooses life.

  8. I think spirituality, as discussed in your previous post, Monsignor, is connected to the culture of death in that someone who is only spiritual need not even admit that his neighbor has a soul, let alone one that is immortal and capable, at least, of loving God.

  9. Consider also the resistance to parental notification for minors seeking to terminate a pregnancy. Then there’s allowing girls of any age to buy Plan B over the counter.

    In ANY OTHER healthcare context, dispensing medication to or performing procedures on minors is COMPLETELY unthinkable without parental knowledge or consent. Given the litigiousness of our society, it astounds me that parental notification is even an issue.

    Critical-thinking skills in teens and even young adults are not yet fully-developed – thus the reason we have 18 as the age of majority, and 21 as the age to purchase alcohol. How can we be told that a 17-year-old needs a doctor’s note and written parental permission to take an ibuprofen, but that an 11-yo should be able to take Plan B without any supervision? No medication or procedure is without risk and a minor isn’t necessarily able to weigh the trade-offs.

    “Safe?” Ha! I share your skepticism.

  10. I really think there need to be billboards showing the face of the unborn at the different stages and not just in Youtube. Maybe the pro-life organizations should begin this campaign near an abortion clinic. Because out of site is out of mind. And with the large billboard everybody in the neighbor hood of the killing facility will start to think.
    Also, we should start talking about the potential tax payers that we as a nation are killing and the S.S. system will collapse if there are few tax payers to support it.

    I guess Japan will be our case study, because right now the adult diapers out sell the baby diapers.
    Margaret Sanger visited Japan and she did a number on them.

    Strange, is it not that Margaret should died on 9/6/66?
    Her life work was a Novena to the Evil One. I don’t think this is a coincidence?

  11. Just to point out another discrepancy in their media tactics. They brought and threw coathangers. What is that going to do in aborting a 20 week baby? As another blogger wrote, “Poke it’s eye out?” A 20 week baby is a big baby and as a result a much more complicated and barbaric procedure (tearing the baby apart one limb at a time). Intellectual honesty is not their strong point.

  12. We know.
    The accumulation of evidence is a good idea that may help those sitting on the fence. But those who consider all life at all stages a great gift from God have already witnessed the false teachings from the abortionists, politicians, etc. and as for the pro abortion people, they have their fingers in their ears. They cling to the lies simply because untying one of those nots would cause it all to unravel. That’s how it happened to me. As a scientist who likes the facts to fit, I couldn’t reconcile the “facts” of this social movement to depopulate through murder (abortion, euthanasia). The logic was proper up so poorly, that only shouting down the opposition kept us in check. Once examined, the paradigm rapidly falls upon close examination. Those with eyes should see.

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