Editorial: Homosexual Activists Protest Threatens Religious Freedom at George Washington University

I couldn’t say it better. Here is the Catholic Standard Editorial regarding attempts of certain homosexual activists at George Washington University to either remove or highly restrict the presence of Catholic Ministry on Campus:

Here’s the PDF: Editorial: Homosexual Activists at GWU Threaten Religious Freedom


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  1. Some good that can come from this:

    – a Church-approval process for the chaplain, lest heresy or hatred be taught, for the Church is Infallible not only concerning faith but also morals.

    – a more aggressive evangelization: push back with charity, sacred doctrine and discipline, scientific facts, and philosophical truths and arguments.

  2. As a resident of Ma. it doesn’t surprise me to see the Church and her clergy under assault over its defense of her traditional moral teachings.
    Here in Ma. parents have been arrested for trying to complain to school departments about immoral indoctrination of their kids in school curriculums and materials.
    The Catholic Church here has been driven out of its millenia old ministry to orphans.
    In Sacandanavia and Canada clergy have been legally attacked in court by government agencies
    for teaching traditional Christian morality from the pulpit.
    Catholics had better wake up or the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion is going to soon become dead.
    I just heard on the radio a clip from an MSNBC radical liberal commenter claiming the government owns our children to be dealt with and taught as government sees fit.

  3. Intolerance, on the part of those who complain, is mentioned here and it seems to be shown in their reaction. Does the church (in these modern days) seek legal action against those who disagree with the churches teachings, merely because of the disagreements? I haven’t heard of this happening.
    I think that tolerance is based on disagreement. If two, or more, parties don’t disagree then, tolerance is a non-issue, since there’s no disagreeing opinion that can be tolerated or rejected. Without dissent there’s nothing to tolerate. When the homosexual, and other opposing, viewpoint(s) cries out accusations of intolerance against those; who merely disagree but don’t oppose with harshness; they appear (to me) to be the intolerant ones. Seeking to shut down those who disagree, and trying to silenc their expression of belief, seems more like fearing the light. John 3:19-21
    If I disagree with someone then, I try (imperfectly but with diligence to do well) to use facts and other data. Trying to manipulate the courts, and other decision making bodies, to impose a gag law – seems like the very sort of intolerance which these, who disagree with us, complain about. We are accused of intolerance for disagreeing but, they claim a right to be as intolerant as they like. Seems like an agenda that demands; “assume we’re right and keep changing the rules – and altering the measurements – to prove that we’re right.”
    Like the pantheistic churches which seem to be springing up. I saw a bumper sticker that appeared, to me, to be pushing for “tolerance” as in all spiritual doctrines are right and that disagreement is intolerance. The last “t” was a Christian cross, the “o” was a crescent moon with a star in it and I seem to recall a yin/yang symbol, maybe the “a” but the overall message seemed too self-contradictory to be worth focussing on.
    This is beginning to look like another step in an overall process. The persecution of our modern times seems to go back to the 1970’s from where it gradually increased but; this action against Father Shaffer not withstanding as the persecution continues to coast; seems to be dropping off slightly as pantheism and it’s implied promise of false peace and mis-stated tolerance seems to be creeping in. Actually, the persecution really begins back in the early parts of the New Testament.
    Consider though, the recent attack mentioned here, added to all that’s happened in the last 40 years or so, may well be wearing a lot of Christians down. Those who would like to see some relief, a chance to openly live their faith may well be tempted to give in to a new church, with many masters whose common theme is presented while omitting any that are in conflict. Matthew 6:24 Luke 16:13 are only about two masters. What if there’s even more than two.
    Such a relief may well provide a superficial peace but, will there be any opportunity for inner peace, as uncomfortable, but necessary, truth is shut out. Even the doctrines that are in discord with the Christian are being watered down like the false; and “gentle Jesus” who dances among the wildflowers with us. This false Jesus has been mentioned here before and, my recent Bible reading came up with 2 Corinthians 11:4 which spoke of a false “Jesus” who brought a false spirit and, whom the Corinthians seemed to be seeking to justify their sexual immorality.
    The “comfortable” (in the short term) lessons of any teachings can feel good until the test of life (eternal) comes, like a teacher of mine I recall who refused to teach a science course but, told stories of his heroism in WWII instead. Just before a test he would give us a “review” and, that alleged review, turned out to be the answers for the test.
    That, comfortable, set of lessons didn’t help me deal with science but, the “uncomfortable” ones which were taught by others filled the gap. What will happen to those who face the final test with only uncomfortable lessons to help us through that test?

  4. This is part of the beginning of Christians being persecuted in the US, we as Christians need to fight it before it gets to us being thrown in jail for our beliefs!
    Army training material lists evangelical Christians, Catholics as extremists
    World Over Live has Nina Shea on talking about Persecuted The Global Assault on Christians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcod_Ghsu9A
    3 authors talk about “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians” on Booktv http://www.booktv.org/Program/14438/Persecuted+The+Global+Assault+on+Christians.aspx
    We should encourage persons with same sex attraction to get counseling and follow what the Catholic Church teaches. I know that many people believe that people with same sex attraction cant change and that because animals engage in same-sex sexual behavior, homosexuality is natural both are wrong.

    Can people with same sex attraction change? Yes they can, according to people can change. com

    Stories of Change
    Rich Wyler: A Change of Heart
    Rich was in a complete state of crisis as he entered reparative therapy for homosexual sex addiction. His wife had caught him in yet another lie that was supposed to cover up his double life. He had “hit bottom.” Finding a therapist he could trust, and who had himself overcome unwanted same-sex attractions, Rich threw himself into the deep emotional work he had been running from all his life. It changed his life.
    ………. http://www.peoplecanchange.com/stories/index.php
    The Psychology of Homosexuality
    Dr. Nicolosi is one of three founding members–and former President–of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a 1,000-member professional association founded in 1992 (www.narth.com ). NARTH’s goal is to support mental-health professionals who work with same-sex-attracted clients seeking change; and to promote respect within the mental-health profession for worldview diversity—whether a person seeks to identify as gay, or to work toward developing his heterosexual potential.

    The Animal Homosexuality Myth

  5. More than two people are supporting the SSA protestors. Two have formally submitted the claim, but just as in any court case where there are limited plaintiffs the case affects more than the two. As far as your use of the term “all” and the term “equate” they are your terms, not ours. If we use the term “all” it is that we appeal to all men and women of good will and fairness to stand with us to oppose the intolerance of the radical SSA extremists. Somehow, having screened many of your remarks of the past, I suspect your concerns are more a projection of your own “taking things too far” rather than ours. There is also your tendency to simply shout “coward” when the moderators here choose not to publish your extreme and venomous remarks that go “too far” Indeed, a quick scan of your “rejected file” shows that the moderators and the screening filters have waylaid a good number of your remarks. I generally don’t take the time to read in detail remarks that end up over there, but just selecting a few of your comments show a “too far” mentality is quite the case with you CMINCA

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