Love Conquers All! – As Seen on T.V.

Amor omnia vincit – (Love conquers all). Clearly this was shown best at the cross where instead of retaliating with violence and destruction, The Lord Jesus took our blows and responded only with love. In this he conquered and broke the cycle of violence.

Dr. Martin Luther King, paraphrasing Gandhi, memorably said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that. And Hat cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

And thus Jesus, who broke the long cycle of violence by accepting our blows encourages us to do the same. When we are struck on one cheek we are turn the other. In effect we are neither to run, nor to strike back. We are to stand our ground and refuse to meet our enemy on his own terms and thus become like him.

In so doing we break the cycle of violence that would otherwise escalate. We claim back ground for the Kingdom through love and by forsaking the need to retaliate. We deprive Satan of a double victory. For Satan has already drawn our enemy to hateful violence, and thus has one victory. In refusing to meet our enemy on those terms we deprive Satan of another victory.

Love does conquer. It disarms and changes the conversation. Would that our fear would dissipate so that we could learn the lessons of love and try its methods.

There is, of course legitimate self defense, but most of our violence is not about this, it is about things far more petty than life and limb.

Lord, take away our fear so that we may with trust take you up on your word and, ending the cycle of violence,  experience the truth that love really does conquer all.

Enjoy this video which humorously illustrates our point as it shows escalating violence over something as petty as a beer, but then note how love wins the day. And I know that some of you will simply want to see it as lust. Such cynics! See it as love! See it as an appreciation for the Good, the True and the Beautiful! The pretty girl wins the dayAmor omnia vincit!

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  1. I agree. The video brings out what Pope Blessed John Paul II might call “the feminine genius” which, as far as I am concerned, is part of God’s Plan. The woman is obedient to God’s Will by being non-violent and at the same time she demonstrates a sort of natural “reign” over the violent “dummies” who allow their testosterone to rule their minds. Not so for the young lady. She’s naturally a genius.

    See Pope Bl. John Paul II’s Letter to Women here – especially paragraph 10:

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