Picturesque Papa – Fun Pictures of Pope Benedict

I dunno why, It just looks funny to see the Pope on the Phone:


Suggested caption: “No! Really this is the Pope! I really mean it! Please deliver three pizzas, extra cheese and Italian Sausage… No really! I am not kidding. This is me!”


Anyway here’s a little video I put together a few years back, some humorous pictures of the Pope. He is a very photogenic man. The music starts a little late on the video, but it does come.

4 Replies to “Picturesque Papa – Fun Pictures of Pope Benedict”

  1. Wonderful. I find it very interesting that Pope Benedict XVI looks a lot like my Great Uncle Pat. Based upon appearances, I think they must be distant cousins – perhaps of the same ancient Germanic tribe…way back when.

  2. I especially like the ones where he is shown drinking beer. I recall hearing an anecdote that St. Pope Pius X would sometimes bum cigarettes off the Swiss guard. I would love to see a picture of a canonized saint smoking a cig.

  3. Not just being on the telephone either, but a landline with cords that can tangle. Real people, as opposed to those on pedestals, are known to do this sort of thing.
    Glad to see that the Holy Father does non pedestal thing(s)

  4. Nice to see a little humour on this blog. In the spirit of papal humour, here’s a true story about Blessed Pope Pius IX:

    Before he became a prisoner in the Vatican, Pius IX was able to get around. On one of his travels, he was visiting the upper floor of a rural inn. While he was there, the floor collapsed and everything and everyone, including the Pope, went down with it. Miraculously, Piux IX was unhurt. He was covered in dust and dirt, however, so he quipped to his anxious entourage: “It looks like the Almighty has seen fit to give us a second Ash Wednesday this year”.

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