A Silent Night

This time of year is an especially noisy one, wouldn’t you agree? Some of this noise we might call “good” noise: Christmas carols, the sounds of our favorite movies and shows, the excitement and laughter of children. Other noise, however, we might characterize as “bad,” namely the full-scale marketing assault we’re bombarded with “24/7.”

The danger with all this noise- both “good” and “bad” is that it can drown out the voice of God- a voice that rarely shouts, but usually speaks in whispers. That’s why we need to make a special effort to listen amidst the hubbub of this season.

Consider today’s gospel. Jesus laments that the people of his generation didn’t make an effort to listen- either to John the Baptist, or to him. As a consequence, they robbed themselves of the wisdom that only they could give.

Jesus dearly wanted them to listen, and he dearly wants us to listen as he speaks to us in the silence of our hearts. Yet in this season, silence isn’t going to find us. We have to go and find it, by making the time for quiet time with God. Just think about it: When were the abiding shepherds able to hear the herald angels sing? In the middle of a silent night.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Readings for today’s Mass:http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/120911.cfm