Surprised by Beauty

I recently made a 2,200 mile trek across the country.  AKA – a relocation road trip.  A friend of mine accepted a position out west and I accompanied her for the journey.  In four short days, with adequate amounts of coffee, Diet Coke and a fully charged iPod, we drove a 16’ Budget rental truck from the DC metro area to Cody, Wyoming.  As someone who loves the outdoors, I expected to enjoy the scenic drive – everything from the rolling hills, to the river valleys, to the mountain landscapes.  But to be honest, I was surprised by the beauty.

Maybe that’s what happens on a road trip.  All you have is time and the company of a good friend. No distractions.  No agenda.  Just pure presence.  I found myself in awe of everything natural, God’s majestic love so carefully and lovingly created for us!   I remember looking out the window and thinking, “I’ve never seen that shade of green before.”  The sky looked endless and mountains stretched in every which direction.  And  somehow the beauty seemed even more radiant because I was delighting in it with a friend.   

What’s even more amazing is that God is still using that beauty to surprise me today.  Sure it’s been a few weeks since that trip and I’ve hopped back into city life.  But He taught me something on the road that I hope will stay with me for awhile.  The truth is, God gifts us with surprises everyday, we only have to open our eyes to see them.  Not only does he surprise us, but He delights in doing so.  Maybe it’s in a beautiful sunset run, maybe it’s in generosity of a friend, or maybe it’s the hope for better things to come.  Whatever it might be, one thing is for certain – it’s God surprise for you.  Accept it, cherish it and celebrate it!