Asking Behind the Wheel

When I’m behind the wheel, I try to make driving time into prayer time. I pray for my family, my ministry, and my parishioners; I ask to be a better husband, father, and priest; I lift up the sick and the deceased, and the special needs of people God has placed in my path. I also thank God for my blessings, and even some of the crosses I bear.

I don’t always offer all these prayers on any given day. Sometimes I have a short commute, and sometimes I get lazy and daydream or listen to the radio instead. Whenever I find myself losing the motivation to pray, however, I find it helpful to remember that wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, Jesus is constantly interceding for all of us.

This is precisely what Jesus does in today’s gospel through his “High Priestly Prayer.” The “hour” of his passion and crucifixion had arrived. Yet even then, Jesus prays for his friends. He does so still, as he reigns in heaven.

Our Lord’s example challenges us to take prayers of intercession seriously. Through intercession, we can change lives and even the course of history; we acknowledge our complete dependence upon God; and we can continue the priestly work of Jesus, in our world, today.

Readings for today’s Mass:

Photo Credit: Lingaraj G J via Creative Commons