Following in the footsteps: Is Jesus enough for me?

Our pilgrimage today takes us to the small church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, a basilica actually located in the Roman Forum, the ancient center of Rome. Parts of this church in fact come from buildings in use during the time of the Roman Empire. The present day church also boasts of a beautiful mosaic of Christ behind the altar in the apse, artwork that dates back to the 6th century. This basilica honors the two brothers, Cosmas and Damian, who were tortured and beheaded for their faith around the year 303 A.D. In fact, their names appear in Eucharistic Prayer I (the Roman Canon).

Today’s Responsorial Psalm reads, “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts”. The homily at Mass spoke of Lent being a time where we look into our hearts to see what it is we really desire. We have many wants and needs, but during Lent we must ask ourselves frankly: “Is Jesus Christ enough for me?” If we are not satisfied with him in this life, will we be satisfied with him in the next? This Lent Jesus Christ is calling us anew, calling us to trust that by seeking him first, everything else will be given to us. Let us not harden our hearts to his invitation.

Written by Fr. Anthony Lickteig

Photos by Fr. Justin Huber