A Dangerous Double Standard

When a car speeds past us on the highway, we typically label the driver “reckless” or a “jerk.” But when we’re the one speeding, it’s because we’re in a hurry for a very important reason! We condemn others but excuse ourselves for doing the exact same thing! We reason that we act with the best of motives, but assume that others do not. Why? Because we evaluate ourselves based on our intentions, but judge others based on their behavior.

Jesus cautions us in today’s gospel about applying this double standard; he warns us against being quick to judge and condemn. Instead, he invites us to imitate the compassion, forgiveness, and generosity of God the Father. He invites us, in the words of Charles de Foucauld: “Do unto others, as you would have God do unto you.”

Readings for today’s Mass: http://www.usccb.org/nab/032111.shtml

Photo Credit: maxim303 via Creative Commons