Light in Darkness

Should we suffer a tragedy or heartbreak, or experience the loss of a loved one, our faith can be deeply shaken. We might wonder why God would allow such a thing to happen, or if he really cares. We might even doubt that he exists at all.

Jesus knows that any of us can be tempted to think this way. Even his disciples weren’t immune. After his death, they were devastated, scared and confused. They hadn’t really understood Jesus’ words about resurrection. The crucifixion, they assumed, was the end of the story.

Our Lord anticipated this. That’s one reason why he allowed Peter, James, and John to witness his transfiguration. He wanted to give them something to hold on to, when all else seemed lost. Should they fall into the pit of despair, Jesus wanted them to recall that mountaintop. Their darkness, he hoped, might be broken by his light.

That’s Jesus’ hope for us too. He invites us to recall the times he’s broken into our lives, whenever we feel that our lives have been broken. It’s always better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Yet when we can’t even light a candle, we can still cherish our glimpses of the Light.

Readings for today’s Mass:

2 Replies to “Light in Darkness”

  1. дякую.
    This reminsd me of people who are destructively dysfunctional due to being caught up in an obsessive/compulsive/self centred escape from emotional and spiritual pain which is walled in by denial.
    There’s a saying among some of the therapists who seem to have success through such things as interventions. The victim can only hit bottom when the pain of maintaining the lifestyle exceeds the emotional and spiritual pain which they’re hiding from.
    Warning. Should not be tried at home except under the guidance of an experienced professional.
    Even when the darkness of an o/c/s lifestyle reaches the point where the afflicted can finally see the light, therapies floundered until the 1930’s when the Alcoholics Anonymous Basic Text delivered messages like; No human power could have relieved us … God could and would if He were sought … May you find Him now.
    And I try to always remember ………………. Thoroughly worked the program.
    I remain powerless over chocolate.

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