The Red Hat: November 20


Today, Cardinal-designate Wuerl and all of us who call the Archdiocese of Washington home will participate in the first-part of the Consistory, a tradition that dates back to the 12thcentury. Cardinal-designate Wuerl will receive his red biretta and wear a red cassock. The red is a reminder, as the Church Fathers like to say, that the life blood of the church is the blood of the martyrs.

Read: Luke 20:27-40

Reflect: Pope Benedict, as he gives each Cardinal the red hat, tells the Cardinal that the red hat “signifies that you must be ready to act with strength, to the point of shedding blood, to increase the Christian faith, for the peace and tranquility of the people of God and for the freedom and growth of the holy Roman church.”

Each new Cardinal receives a titular church in Rome and Cardinal Wuerl is assinged St. Peter in Chains. If you have been following this pilgrimage, you know that St. Peter in Chains was the first stop in the pilgriamge tour! A big thanks to Bishop Barry Knestout who provided me with this photo from his seat at the liturgy. Read more.