Living in the Now

A few days ago, I was out with a couple of friends.  We shared a pizza and the usual, “what’s happening in our lives.”  We found ourselves talking about the freedom that is found when we begin to practice living the presence of God – the kind of living that begs us to let go of the past and to hand over everything we fear about the future.  The kind of living that calls out to us and asks us to live in this very moment.  Ironically, or perhaps beautifully, it’s the kind of living that heals our past wounds and gives us the grace to overcome the fears we face.

When we practice living in the present moment something miraculous happens.  We begin to open ourselves to receiving the gift of Jesus Himself – fully present, active and alive in our hearts.  It’s easy in this world, especially as a young adult to become overwhelmed by what the future holds.  We are continuously faced with questions like:  Is this the right career for me?  Is God EVER going to send me a husband or wife?  Am I doing enough to care for and protect my family?  Will these wounds from my past ruin my current relationship?  Am I living God’s will for me?  These questions often burden and sometimes even paralyze us.  The questions in themselves are not bad – for God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us discern His will and dream (and dream big I might add).  However, sometimes the questions block our minds and hearts from hearing the answers we are seeking.  The good news – Jesus is fully present within us and waits for us with great joy and patience.  He invites us to live with Him in the now, to be present with Him at this very moment and receive gifts beyond imagination.  Sometimes He leaves us with answers we might not want, but we must trust in the fact that He always wants the best for us. Today let us ask for the grace to mindfully live with Jesus. Maybe we’ll be surprised at what He reveals to us!