Catholicism is fun

My wife is very much a fan of everything horses. So last weekend, we went to see part of the World Equestrian Games in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, Kentucky. Being a “Horse Capital” Lexington is covered with horse statues decorated with various themes and motifs. It reminded me of the panda bears that dotted Washington a few years ago.

“The Run for the Rosaries”

On Saturday evening on our way out of church, we discovered a horse whose motif was a play on the nickname for the Kentucky Derby. Instead of the “Run for the Roses” this horse was entitled “The Run for the Rosaries.” As you can see from the picture, the horse is decorated with Marian symbols and has an actual rosary painted around its torso. After having seen so many of these horses during the day, this one caught our attention, made us laugh and turned us into obvious picture-taking tourists.

Catholicism is fun

We were so animated in our amusement that two parishioners easily tagged us as tourists.   They were equally amused at our reaction to the artwork. They eagerly explained the history of the painted horses in Lexington and the history of the horse we were admiring. Additionally, they readily admitted that they walk by the horse every week but never really appreciated it. We laughed about the horse and about the pride it showed in our faith as well as their town. In the middle of our conversation one of the two parishioners exclaimed, “You know, Catholicism is a lot of fun, isn’t it?”

If you are Catholic, have a little fun today

I can’t remember that last time I have heard someone describe Catholicism as “fun.” I have heard it described as fulfilling, enduring, influential, essential and even complicated – but fun?
In front of a Catholic Church is Lexington, Kentucky, four Catholics from different parts of the country discovered that Catholicism is indeed fun. This equestrian tribute to Our Lady and her Rosary is a reminder that our faith can bring laughter and joy as readily as it can bring comfort and security.

I pray that you have fun being a Catholic today. My wife and I sure did last week in Kentucky!