Eucharistic Adoration – It’s not just for Easter anymore

The Gift of the Eucharist

My parish has a gift that I must admit, I never really appreciated until recently. This is how God opened my eyes.

Last month, a young, newly ordained priest was celebrating his first Mass at the parish. I did not know him at all but, he grew up in the parish and was a product of the school there. Therefore, the parish community was very excited for this big event.

So many priests from one parish

One reason for our excitement is that the parish has a reputation for producing vocations to the priesthood. Noting this remarkable characteristic of the parish, this young new priest shared that he is often asked what is it about St. Mark’s in Hyattsville, Maryland that helps so many men find Christ in the priesthood.

His answer was extraordinary. He dutifully cited the school, its teachers, the people of the parish and the many priests that helped him hear that call. However, he pointed out that many parishes have these things and no priestly vocations to show for it. What was the difference then?

“Come worship him”

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church has an Eucharistic adoration chapel that is open most of the day. Eucharistic Adoration has been a tradition at the parish for many years and this new priest cited its availability as the MAIN source of his vocation.

This is truly the greatest gift God gave us – The real presence of Christ is the Eucharist. Since that testimony, I have found more time to spend in the presence of the Eucharist in our adoration chapel. In the peaceful presence of the Body of Christ, I have found my prayers more fruitful, my problems more conquerable and my faith deepened.

Thank you Father Charles Gallagher for your vocation to the priesthood and for leading at least one deacon closer to Christ in the Eucharist.

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  1. It is refreshing to read this. The appreciation for the Real Presence is part of St. John Bosco’s buzy spirituality. The boys make quick visits to the chapel and that produced a lot of saints ~50+. The nuns at St. Jude’s have a chapel that is open most of the time. And this allows people to stop by and adore the Lord. However, most of the churchs around are locked. It would be nice to have a little side chapel that will have the Eucharist exposed. Prayer is the source of power of our archdiocese. Here’s my own appreciation of the Real Presence

    1. It is indeed a powerful presence! I will check out your blog.

      1. I used to go to a chapel in Augusta GA. T
        That had Eucharistic Adoration 24/7. what they did was,
        Put a roster out for people to volunteer, and hour of there time,
        To spend in front of Lord (I had 3:00am to 4:00am every Wed night.
        The chapel had a combination pad on it, and once you volunteered, you
        Would be given the combination. Now, the chapel was left unlock from like,
        8:00 to 8:00… But after that, there was a volunteer in there with Jesus. At no time was the euchrist left alone…. Someone needed to be there worshiping him 24/7. It was a beautiful experience for me. I used go in on my appointed time, and the thought of being alone with the Lord was humbling…. He helped me pray better …. And live more.

  2. You have convinced me to take my children to Friday eve. Eucharistic Adoration. Thank you.

    1. I would love to hear your experience with your children!

  3. Thank you for this article. I just “discovered” Eucharistic Adoration at my parish. I felt drawn to go one day last week, went the next day, and today officially committed to be an “Adorer” for one short hour a week. The experience of sitting in the Live True Presence of My God is so overwhelming, I was in awe and shock for the first few minutes. I would hghly rcommend that any Catholic who is priviledged to have this devotion in their parish stop by for just a few minutes. Th experience is overwhelming. I can’t put it into words. My hour was so short. I was amazed that I had not done it before. I was also saddened that during the times I was there, it was only the “registered” Adorers who were there. The chapel is open to anyone, even if it’s only for a “let’s see what this is all about”. You may be surprised. I certainly was as I was sitting with the co-ordinator. I never expected to commit an hour of my “busy” day off to The Lord, Our God.

    1. Being an Adorers is a wonderful ministry. There’s little effort and great reward!

  4. I was at daily Mass last week while on vacation, and Fr. Charles Gallagher’s father, who is a permanent deacon, preached at the Mass. I was so touched by his humility and faith, so I am sure his son has had a good example in his father. My home parish has had Perpetual Adoration for nearly 10 years, and it has been such a gift to me personally. While we have not had any vocations to the priesthood during that time, I feel sure that the Holy Spirit is hard at work in several of the young men of our parish. We keep praying!

    1. It is a small Archdiocese isn’t it? I am sure there are many young men attracted to the priesthood in your parish. You are right. Prayer is the key!

  5. You are a gift, your vocation, your mind, your heart and your reflections, helps and heals my hardened soul, you encourage me on my journey crippled by wounds from my past. God Bless You, dear future Saint and Angel on earth!
    I Bless the Good Lord for your Ministry.

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