Check it out!

Do bloggers promote other people’s blogs? Given we consider our blog a form of ministry, I’m going to work on the premise that the more people blogging for Jesus the better! So, check out Encourage and Teach.   It is  the new blog from our neighbors in the Diocese of Arlington. Like us they have created a blogging team that posts on a variety of issues. Bishop Loverede reflected on teaching and Holy Week in the digital age, another contributor wrote on the experience of praying at an abortion clinic and there was a post on Divine Mercy Sunday.

The More the Better

We know that one of the great challenges we face in sharing the Good News is getting our voices heard so I welcome another blog and a team of people who will bring a additional perspectives on faith and life in and around the Beltway.  The more space we can devote to God and the Good News in the blogosphere the better it will be for the world. So, take a look,  write a comment, bookmark it, send the link to a friend and then come back and keep reading our blog.