God’s providence – “I am concerned – not worried”

Providentia – Providebit (God has provided – God will provide)Mother_Lange

I work at a school that is run by the oldest religious order for women of color in the world – The Oblate Sisters of Providence.   Founded in 1829 by Mother Mary Lange, OSP (pictured right), the Oblate Sisters are guided by the spiritual precept that God has provided and that God will provide.

Those of us who work with them in their ministries have learned to embrace Providential spirituality as well. At times, I still do not trust God to provide for my needs and thus, I worry. I worry about my school, its students, its teachers and even some of my parents. I frequently walk the hallways wanting everything to go perfect. And I worry.

Be concerned – not worried

Before I knew the Oblates, I thought that being worried about a school was the job of a principal. A few months ago, one of the sisters saw that I was clearly worried. This sister asked, “What’s wrong?” When I told her the problem she laughed. And in her wisdom, she said, “It is God’s school, not yours. If you are CONCERNED, that is OK. But, if you are WORRIED, you are praying all wrong, if at all.”

Divine Providence

Brothers and sisters, as a new school year begins, I know that there are many parents, teachers and principals who are concerned for the spiritual and academic development of the children God has entrusted to our care. But, whatever challenges await, don’t worry – God will provide.

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