Priests on the Battlefield of the Lord

The good priest is like a soldier who is willing to live a sacrificial life for his people. He is called to live a life of discipline and follow orders from the Lord and his bishop. His sword is the Word of God and he fights on the Battlefield of the soul.  The Battle is the Lord’s and to Him belongs the victory. For the priest it is enough to know that he has, by God’s grace, moved the battle line forward even a few inches. Pray for priests and for vocations. Pray also for Catholic priests who are military Chaplains.

I put this video together by splicing scenes from Fishers of Men. The music is by Lyle Lovett, “I’m a Soldier in the Army of the Lord.” It is available at iTunes.

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  1. I would like to dedicate this video to Father Rick. I don’t know how often you look at the blog but this one’s for you Father Rick! We miss you.

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