A Movie on the Miracle of Marriage – Fireproof

There is a new movie making the rounds in Christian Circles called  Fireproof.  It is about a young couple who experience that  their marriage is falling apart. There is anger, resentment, accusations, and disappointment. But God isn’t done with them, He’s just getting started.

The husband Caleb is a fire f ighter who often reminds his fellow fire fighters to enter a buring building in teams and NEVER  to leave their partner behind. Now he must learn the same thing in his marriage. Under the guidance of his earthly father Caleb receives wise help  in saving his marriage but until he meets his Heavenly Father his efforts fall short because his heart is not in it. At a critical point in the movie he receives from Jesus the new heart he needs.

I know some of you may think this sounds a little cheesy and sentimental but the movie does not present any of this in a simplistic or merely sentimental way. Caleb comes to the Lord only with difficultly and the breakthrough he experiences is both realistic and moving. His wife’s struggle too is powerfully and credibly depicted.

In the following scene you see a moment of conversion for Caleb. He is frustrated that his wife is not responding to all his efforts and that she rejects his love. How can he go on loving some one who doesn’t love him and offers no gratitude or love in return? With his earthly father’s help he comes to see that this is exactly what he does to God, who loves him anyway. He rejects God, is ungrateful, and undeserving, but God loves him still. It is a breakthrough for Caleb. I don’t think it will spoil the movie for you to see this scene which is a very powerful description of the unmerited Love of God for us and our need to experience this if we will ever be able to love others.

Make it a priority to see this movie. It is for everyone, married or not; struggling or secure. It’s about love, it’s about marriage, it’s about miracles and it’s about breakthroughs. You won’t be disappointed that you saw Fireproof.

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  1. I’m in my 20’s, Catholic, not married, and saw Fireproof in March. It was great, and I’m so very thankful I saw it. Just last month, my mother came to me stating that my father wants a divorce. I immediately had her watch the movie with me, and gave her “The Love Dare” 40-day book that is used in the movie.

    I have heard of evangelical churches having small “Fireproof” groups for both ‘good’ and ‘in danger’ marriages. My mother has even given copies of the book to friends of hers that are in secure marriages.

    I also encourage everyone to watch this movie – including those discerning marriage.

    1. Yes thank you. We are having a Fireproof group meet and see the movie Friday July 31 here at my parish. It is a powerful and healing movie and I’m anxious for as many of my couples to see it as possible.

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