Insights From Psalm 23 – Are you Smarter than a Sheep??

Sometimes a text gets so familiar we lose sight of its meaning. Consider a two thoughts from Psalm 23:

The Lord is my Shepherd – Sheep only recognize one shepherd. If another shepherd calls to them they flee in fear because they do not recognize his voice. (see John 10:5) Are you as smart as a sheep? Too often when false shepherds call to us we do not run. We listen to their voices, even though they do not sound like the Lord. These false shepherds tell us to indulge our greed and passions, to give way to lust and vent our anger. Hardly the voice of Jesus. But we listen and often follow them! Sheep have brains enough to run but what about us?

He [the Lord] has prepared a table for me in the sight of my foes, my cup is over flowing. Have you ever thought that the Mass, the holy Eucharist, the altar and table of the Lord are a great sign to you of the victory the Lord has in store for you? Did he not say in John 6: “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I will raise him on the last day.”  An old Latin hymn (O Sacrum Convivium) says that in the Eucharist, “a pledge of future glory is given to us.”  Our ancient enemy the devil must cringe with disappointment as he sees us approach the table, the altar of the Lord to be fed with the Body of the Lord.  The Lord has indeed prepared a table for us in the sight of our foe the devil and the devil isn’t happy! Our cup overflows because the Lord’s grace in this sacrament is super abundant for us. It is never lacking and the more we grow the more we can receive. With this promise attached to the altar, why would you or I ever stay away?

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  1. “Are you smarter than a sheep?” was the first sermon I ever heard you preach when I visited your church last year. It always makes me smile whenever I come across Psalm 23 🙂

    Your comments about the Eucharist put me in mind of what Thomas Merton wrote about those who don’t receive communion, who slowly starve to death sitting in their pews or in the doorway of the church…

  2. I Really, really needed this today! Especially this shepard picture! It describes in charcoal the accesability and “goodness” of the One who can restores my soul, and my soul needs restoration right now. Who is the artist? How can I get a copy of that print.

    I had brain surgery 10 years ago, and the language side of my brain is damaged, but the picture side still works, so I embrace theology visually. Please email. I look forwarkd to hearing from you.


  3. If you barbecue, and one of your coals are seperated from the others tell me what will happen, yes it will go out that what happens when we step out of the will of God.

  4. I would like permission to make copies of the picture (just an EXCELLENT picture) on my upcoming trip to Haiti. I might make a bookmark out of the picture and Psalm 23 in Creole (the language in Haiti). Woud that be ok?

  5. Hi there. I think that’s one of the best drawings of my Lord-Shepherd. Please let me know who the artist is. I wish to give honour when I show others on a slide show.
    many thanks

  6. Will you please contact me in regards to the picture on this post.
    Who is the artist (I think the initials are “KFB or KTB”? When was it created?
    Thank you.
    727-857-6084 feel free to call

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