Beauty in Service of Goodness and Truth

There is a long noted connection between what is good, what is true and what is beautiful. Catholicism seeks to employ beauty in the service of what is good and true. Most Catholic Churches, especially the older ones, make great use of art, stained glass, and architecture to summon Catholics to faith. Further, our sacraments engage the senses and involve the body. We are touched in the sacraments physically and also therefore spiritually. Beyond the sacraments themselves there are the ways in which the liturgy itself engages the senses. There are candles, incense, music, and flowers. Even the many postures of prayer engage the body: sitting, standing, kneeling, sings of the cross, holy water, processions etc. Catholicism seeks to engage the whole person. We are not just a spirit or a soul, we are body-persons. Catholicism takes this very seriously. In summoning the human person to what is good, true and beautiful, Catholicism summons the whole person and employs much of God’s creation to announce the good news. This video displays the beauty of Catholic tradition and how it is a kind of feast for the whole person. The images emphasize the ancient traditions of the Church