Vocations Anyone? The Nashville Dominicans

Not all religious communities are diminishing and dying. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, commonly known as the Nashville Dominicans, continue to expand into new territory with a message of hope that the springtime of the New Evangelization is indeed in bloom. For almost 150 years, in the heart of the Bible Belt in Tennessee, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia have embraced God’s love in the living of their vows and apostolic vocation in the field of education. Now, with a median age of 36, the 235 Dominican Sisters of this congregation bring generations of young people the message of Christ in over 30 schools, throughout the United States and Australia.

Like the virgin martyr Cecilia, Nashville Dominicans promise their hearts to Christ. The Lords voice fills their ears and secures their promise to be Christs alone. Nashville Dominicans show the world a love that is different and unique. It is a love that is eternal. Nashville Dominicans are indeed beloved by God, as you will witness in this documentary. You will be taken inside a religious congregation that continues to offer the world and the Church a compelling model of religious life that is beautiful, hopeful, joyful and alive.

It seems to me that all the basic ingredients of a solid religious community are present here: Common life, a focused apostolate, common prayer, fidelity to Church teaching, love of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, love of our Lady, the wearing of the habit and joy.

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2 Replies to “Vocations Anyone? The Nashville Dominicans”

  1. Monsignor Pope,

    Until recently one of those 30 schools was located right here in the ADW. Cardinal Hickey Academy in Calvert County MD. In their 150 year history the Dominican’s have only left one other school. One.

    It is a tragedy that this has been allowed to happen and that no one has step forward from the ADW to defend these Holy Sisters and simply ask why the Prioress General felt complied to remove her Sisters ? Why?

    The ADW has had full knowledge of this three year saga under the current Pastor and according to Mr Thomas Burnford no one has asked them to stay in the ADW. Why?

    My daughter received instruction in 4 of 8 years and I can attest to the Sisters excellence in teaching the faith and academics.


    John Dyer
    Cardinal Hickey Academy Dad
    parishioner Jesus The Divine Word Parish

  2. We love the Nashville Dominicans! They teach at our daughter’s school and are every bit as phenomenal as they seem. Our principal in particular is simply excellent. She’s young, charismatic and faithful to her mission. The NashDoms embody what it truly means to be Catholic Sisters! We pray that their Order continues to grow so that more Catholic schools will be able to welcome them to teach at their schools. I think the future of Catholic education is right there in Nashville. God bless them!

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