Religious Garb on Display

The following video shows a wide variety of religious garb and clerical attire on display in Rome.

What is the purpose of a religious habit?  Religious life is not hidden, neither is it occasional. To enter the priesthood or religious is to publicly accept the consecration of one’s whole self to the service of God and neighbor.  That is why the most traditional religious garb covers the whole body. It is more than a tee-shirt, a hat or an emblem of some sort. It is a covering of the whole body to indicate the entirety of the consecration.

Further, each habit is distinctive since each religious community has a particular charism or gift by which they collectively serve the Church. Religious and priests do not merely consecrate themselves for their own agenda. Rather they join others with a similar and proven charisms in communities recognized by the Church.

The word “Habit” also suggests that religious life and priesthood are not an occasional activity, or even a 9 to 5 job. The are the habitual identity and life of the one who receives the call. That is also why the habit is usually worn at all times.

The widespread disappearance of clerical garb and religious habits back in the 1970s was a disturbing trend. Many religious and priests no longer saw themselves as set apart, as distinctive. Many wanted to blend in and also lost a sense of the charism of their order. Many also preferred anonymity since it made them less busy and they no longer had to live as “public” people.

It is good to see from this video that religious garb is still on display in Rome. Many orders have returned to distinctive clothing. Other, newer orders have also replaced the older dying ones. These younger orders almost always and consistently wear religious habits and garb.

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