Einstein on the Problem of Evil

I first saw this video at Patrick Madrid‘s Website. Many have struggled with the problem of evil. Now evil is often thought of as an existing reality when in fact is is really a privation, that is, a lack of something that should be there. To sin is to lack justice, to lack truth, to lack love, mercy etc. God did not create evil, evil is a lack of something God intends.

You’ll need to watch this video closely. It is in German with subtitles but it is well worth the work. It depicts how the youthful Einstein once debated a professor on the problem of evil.

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    1. Thanks! You are right, attestations are often a tricky business. I have read a whole bunch of things Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said but you never can find the actual citation. Thanks for this correction. If Einstein didn’t say it he should have 🙂 But whoever did spoke well.

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