What Do Catholics Think about President Obama at Notre Dame?

Well that depends on what Catholics you ask. Church going Catholics are more likely to oppose the President’s visit to Notre Dame but not by as much as you’d think. Catholics who do not attend Church regularly were more likely to support the visit. White, Church going Catholics were most likely to be non supportive of the President’s visit. All of this is depicted in a graphic summary by a Pew Survey of Catholics on this issue shown at the right. But no group of Catholics surveyed polled above 50% in disapproval of the visit.

So what is going on here and what does this say about Catholics? I am not a sociologist nor a statistician, just a biased observer. Of course I am biased. I am a Catholic priest who is strongly pro-life. Hence I am somewhat alarmed by how few Catholics actually are alarmed. But perhaps if I could venture a few observations about this poll and I will try to be fair.

  1. The poll asks about a visit and speech of the president. Some are angry just about that. But there is the further matter about the President receiving and honorary  Law degree. Thus I wonder if the poll numbers would be different if this question were asked: “Do you favor the conferring of an honorary degree?” I have heard some Catholics say that their disagreement is more about the honors than the speech. Others just don’t think he should come period. But it would have been interesting to see the results of my question.
  2. Politics complicates everything, even moral issues. It has been my experience (sadly) that many people (both right and left) are more passionate about their politics than their faith. Faith, and moral and ethical issues tend to be “tucked under” political views and worldview.  Thus, in vacuum over 60% of Church-going Catholics oppose legalized Abortion. But take it out of a vacuum and into the world of politics and the numbers swing a lot. If opposing abortion means one is  opposing a favored candidate or party many who oppose abortion theoretically do not do when it “rocks their world” somehow.  Conservatives too struggle with some of the moral issues and often do not wholeheartedly support the requests of recent Popes to oppose use of the death penalty nor did they wholeheartedly agree with the Pope’s opposition to the Iraq War. I am aware of the many arguments that declare that these are not dogmatically defined positions but my only point is that, when requested to oppose these things  disinclination due to political leanings was a strong factor.
  3. Race complicates this matter as well. Here too many who oppose abortion as an isolated issue are reticent to apply their opposition directly to a President who also represents a kind of racial healing in this land. Just as Abortion is now, racism was and to some extent remains another of the great moral struggles of our time. Thus, I suspect, even to generally anti-abortion Catholics, the President is a complicated figure. On the one hand he represents injustice by his support of abortion, on the other hand he is a sign of greater racial justice. I suspect it is not always easy for everyone to sort all this out.
  4. With all the complicating issues of race and politics therefore I am not sure what to make of these numbers. It remains true, (and you can check these numbers by using the link to the Pew Study above), that Church going Catholics are against legalized abortion by over 60% but only 39% oppose the visit of the President.  I think some heard the question not as a question about abortion but more this way: “Do you like or dislike President Barack Obama?”  Generally people like to report that they like people. Generally too the President remains a popular figure even to those who do not like some of his policies or decisions.

What do? It seems clear that the Church has not closed the deal with most Catholics on the pre-eminence of the Abortion issue. Even many Catholics who do oppose Abortion do not see it as trumping other things they also see as important. It is an important issue to them but context and abortion’s inter-relatedness to other matters sways how they register their opinion. Many are simply not as focused or adamant as the Church would like when it comes to this critical moral issue. Hence we have to work to close the deal more. We have to teach and encourage. When I say encourage I mean it as the word was originally intended. To encourage meant to summon a person to courage. Many will privately say they oppose abortion but when a pollster calls they do not always have the courage to stand firm when it appears they are opposing a popular President who is a symbol of racial healing and thus represents far more than himself or even his party.

In the end, as many Bishops have already indicated, Notre Dame has made a huge moral compromise here. I pray for our President every day and respect that he has authority from God to lead this land. But he is wrong on this issue of abortion and honoring him with a Law Degree sends the wrong message. As the Church we must remain unambiguous on this issue. We must respectfully engage our president on this matter but a law degree would suggest we accept his jurisprudence on this and find it honorable. We do not. Yet it remains true that more than half of even Church-going Catholics may disagree with what I have said. That is on us. We are once again reminded as a Church that there is work to do.

Remember, this is a blog. I have written to provoke a response and to initiate discussion.  I do not write to pontificate (even though my name is Pope 🙂  ) If you disagree or would like to clarify a point, if you prefer to distinguish or debate a point that is what the comments are for. If you want to agree and add a point, comment . Agree or disagree, and comment.  Please be civil and above all else, pray to end abortion in this Land. Pray for Church leaders and for civil authorities. Pray.

4 Replies to “What Do Catholics Think about President Obama at Notre Dame?”

  1. This entire situation is deeply troubling and unfortunately its premise reduces my calm demeanor to fury and anger; that it is either A: perfectly fine to claim to be Catholic and not stand with its teachings forthright or B: its ok to trample upon Catholic culture, teachings, and places with impunity…I categorically reject both as gross error particularly for Catholic faithful. I am sick and tired of being persecuted for my faith, i want you to be sick and tired with me. Do not apologize for your faith. Every other religious group is free to proselytize and evangelize carte blanche, but lo, when a Catholic shares our teachings, woe betide them…..No more! This is also directed an any politician who wears the label without matching contents, shame on you for leading people astray. Despite the canned political platitudes suggesting that you can have a set of personal beliefs and act contrarily to your conscience or legislate that way is at its core a lie and betrayal to someone. I challenge anyone to find a Vegan to direct and support their visit to a meat processing facility.

    I am in full support of free will, thought, and expression with responsibility….even in error, however reserving the opportunity to point out the same. That a Catholic institution would openly defy the collective desire of the nations episcopal conference is grossly irresponsible. That the same body does not unanimously clamor for the Notre Dame and Georgetown presidents’ formal removal, recant, or apology disappointing. Regarding Georgetown, I challenge all comers to find an example of another faith group that has been asked to cover its symbols in the name of press craft, and standard procedure. That is an egregious and cowardly application of canned speech. This collaboration stinks with a rancor that fouls the air and near dishonors the sacrifices of the many gallant Jesuits martyred for the sake of their faith. The deferral to political correctness in lieu of plain truth, civility, and decorum is all too common. If charity begins at home, perhaps social justice may be given the same chance; must we never stand for our own dignity.

    The situation at Notre Dame is utterly abhorrent. How was the most famous Catholic edifice in the nation ever allowed to shed its cannonical fealty to the local ordinary? The thought of a religious priest being publicly disobedient hurts deeply, what of their charism for living in contradiction to the “worldly” . Three issues trouble me here. 1 Where is his Religious Superior and why hasn’t he acted here? 2. Why has the local ordinary been lighthanded, to boycott is a great symbol; to issue a cannonical interdict a clearer symbol with definite and immediate effect , and not subject to any higher action except the Vicar of Christ personally. 3. Why are we as a faith community complacent with ignorance of the catechism and laggard in catechesis to the point of not noticing when people hijack, pollute, and misrepresent our treasured faith..and fail to act in the name of avoiding conflict and dogmatic distinction. We are Catholic, lets as the Staple Singers sing, “Be who [we] are and live the life.” To the list of academicians who support this, how many of you have taken the Mandatum, and of the universities are actually compliant??

    This collaboration, acquiescence and silence treads down the same dangerous path of many having faced persecution, subjugation, and in many cases extermination. “Go along to get along….” How many civilizations in the Bible bear witness? Where is our “Rosa Parks”? When will we as Catholics insist , come what may, upon exercising our public devotions? Do priests have to be arrested and the faithful hosed in the streets before our bishops rise up to proclaim the veritas we so desperately need?

    Watch the movie “The Scarlet and the Black”, or “The Cardinal” read about the massacres under Diocletan…..read about the death of St. Lawrence, St. Sebastian, the Dominican marytrs of Vietnam..and tell them to hide their faith….I pray that I may have half their courage should I ever be put to the test…..some who read this have been “cradles” and may never have heard of these gallant heroes…allow me to present them.

    Ubi sunt episocpales?

  2. I think it would have been correct to allow the President to speak at the commencement out of respect for his office. Granting him an honorary degree, in law of all things, is something else entirely. I wonder if it was the price of admission — in other words, did the White House require the granting of this honorary degree as the cost of the President’s visit? If so, it’s even cheaper than 30 pieces of silver….

  3. The bigger question is what does Christ think about President Obama? God is watching.

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