More on DC Opportunity Scholarship Programs

U.S. Senate Hearing
Two Archbishop Carroll students (one current; one recent graduate) spoke at a May 13 hearing held by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Reform, which is chaired by Senator Joseph Lieberman. In compelling testimony, they talked about how the OSP has changed their lives and given them new opportunities.

President Obama Budget Proposal

That same afternoon, President Obama announced his budget proposal would end the Opportunity Scholarship Program by allowing funds only for students currently in the program and barring new children from entering the program, including younger siblings. This will hurt our city’s children and is likely to create abrupt enrollment losses in several schools, de-stabilizing them for the future. The archdiocese already provides significant financial support for children in the city, including the OSP students, but does not have the resources to replace what is being taken away from our city’s families.

Opportunity Scholarship Website Launched

The Archdiocese of Washington launched a new WEBSITE with facts about the OSP, profiles of recipients, updated news and links, and a page for action alerts. Please share this web address with your community and invite potential supporters to learn more about why it is so important to keep this educational lifeline for children.