Hmm…? Vatican Newspaper Upbeat About President’s Speech

L’Osservatore Romano Is the Newspaper of the Vatican. It’s editorials, while not considered official statements of the Vatican are nevertheless seen indicative of the general thinking in Rome. The paper has sounded an “upbeat” note in terms of recent postures of the President toward abortion, including the recent speech. . I am not sure how to interpret the editorial. Is is just wishful thinking? Is it an olive branch? How is one to interpret such an editorial in light of the very different position announced by Archbishop Raymond Burke, a Vatican Official? Hmm…

Here are excerpts from the summary article on the editorial published by Catholic News Service:

The search for a common ground: This seems to be the path chosen by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, in facing the delicate question of abortion,” the newspaper said….It said Obama had set aside the “strident tone” of the 2008 political campaign on the abortion issue….”Yesterday Obama confirmed … that enacting a new law on abortion was not a priority of his administration,” it said…The newspaper noted that Obama had called for reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, facilitating adoption and supporting women who want to carry their babies to term, and that he had also spoken of drafting a “conscience clause” for medical personnel who are morally opposed to participating in abortions.

The full CNS Article can be read HERE

Compare the tone of this article to that of Prefect of the Vatican’s  Supreme Court Archbishop Raymond Burke. Who really speaks for the Vatican? Who best represents the sentiments of the Vatican?

The full text of the Archbishop’s Address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is HERE