Angels and Demons – Review by Fr. Barron

angels-and-demons-posterAnother movie quite unfair to Catholics and the Church has been released: Angels and Demons. It remains true that the attacks against the Catholic Church would never be tolerated against Muslims or Jews. Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians are also groups that it is OK to attack. None of the usual rule apply about bigotry or insensitivity, hate crimes etc when Catholics, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are the target.

The following review by Fr. Barron is helpful in sorting out the myth that the Church is somehow “anti-science.” By the way, skip the movie.  I read the book and while it is suspenseful in places it has a really stupid and unrealistic ending.

4 Replies to “Angels and Demons – Review by Fr. Barron”

  1. So true, unfortunately!

    I skipped the first book and movie and plan to do the same with this one.

  2. Amen Father Barron. All truth does come from God and “if” properly articulated there is no conflict between science and fatih. Well said father.

  3. I’ll see it (and read the book) for the satisfaction of making up my own mind!

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