Vocations Anyone?

If you have never seen this video about the vocation to the Holy Priesthood then I dare you to watch it! This is one of the best vocations videos ever produced.

And Here is Part Two:

Why not call and get things started?

Office for Priest Vocations in the Archdiocese of Washington  (301) 853-4580

5 Replies to “Vocations Anyone?”

  1. Does anybody know what those cleric clothes mean and what the priest is saying when he puts them on.
    For example: Amice (??), what does he say: the alb (??), Cincture (??), Maniple (??), Stole (??), Chasuble.
    It can’t just be decorations on a peice of material. You think?

  2. and here and here? It’s not good to reply after 9pm. Let’s try it again. What’s the site?

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