Mary – The New Eve


So here w on the feast of the Annunciation. Pay attention now, there are only 9 months till Christmas! Today we celebrate the beginning of the incarnation, that moment when, Mary having accepted God’s plan her, conceives Jesus in her womb by the power of the Holy Spirit. Eve said no to God but Mary said yes.

Mother Mary is more than a Christmas ornament or a sentimental side bar in salvation. She is integral to God’s plan. She is the New Eve, the Woman prophesied in Gen 3:15 when God cursed Satan and said, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers; he will strike at your head while you strike at his heal.” Where Eve said no, Mary said yes. We got into trouble through a man (Adam), a woman (Eve) and a tree. But God beats Satan at his own game and rescues us by a Man (Jesus) a Woman (Mary) and the tree of the cross. No wonder Mary is at the foot of the Cross with Jesus, without her the picture would be incomplete. The Latin Fathers of the Church used a word play to illustrate all of this. Eve’s name is Latin is Eva. Well, what is Eva backwards? AVE! The first word Gabriel said to Mary: Ave gratia plena (Hail, full of grace). Mary, by God’s grace reverses Eve’s sinful choice.  She is the new Eve, but a different kind or Eve. Praise the Lord.

The following are not really videos, they are audio recordings with Scott Hahn if you wish to listen to more on this topic

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  1. Extended Bible Class online. I love it. You go Msgr Pope. Keep it coming. Plus this saves me money from going to the bookstore.

  2. I’m getting that DIXIE cup feeling now! Not sure whether to get the wrench and turn the water down or get a bigger cup! This maybe seem like a sidebar quote to some! but its all GOOD!

    1. Yes! In case people don’t know what you mean, the image is of a person standing before an open fire hydrant with a little dixie cup trying to catch the water. Most of it of course goes by! THis is how it is before the feast of Faith God sets before us. There is so much and we grasp so little. I suppose the St. Teresa of Avila had the bes tsolution to problem when she quoted the psalm dilatasti cor meum Domine (You enlarge my heart oh Lord) Psalm 119:32 All we can do is ask God to give us an ever bigger heart so that we can love and appreciate Him more and all that he does.

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