One of the difficulties of living in the modern world is that we can easily come under the influence of philosophies and errors that can mislead us. There are also many sinful influences that can corrupt our moral life. There is a traditional concept in the moral life known as “Custody of the Eyes” wherein a person is very careful as to what they allow themselves to see (cf Job 31:1; Mat 5:28; Psalm 119:37  etc.) . These days, in a world where sound is also a very profound influence we need to be very careful as to what we listen.  We must be careful to avoid evil, erroneous and tempting influences. Put more positively, we must actively seek for positive and truthful influence. We do this by keeping careful company, attending to the daily reading of the scripture and the study of the faith and intentionally exposing ourselves to what is good, true and beautiful.

Paradoxically, the modern world with all its problematic influences also provides us with many opportunities to craft our world and its influences. There are many options today insofar as how we choose to get our information and what we will allow to influence us. In the past we were stuck with just three networks, and a few newspapers and magazines. Now there are endless possibilities through the Internet, cable, local devices such as iPod’s etc.

I seldom watch T.V. anymore. When I do it is carefully selected, usually DVD based viewing. I spend alot of time with instructive and helpful websites and blogs to get my information and I also spend a lot of time walking and driving with my iPod loaded “Catholic”

There are many wonderful podcasts out there today that can both entertain, edify, and instruct you in the faith and in wholesome matters.  Why don’t we start sharing what some of those sites and podcasts are so that we can help each other in “custody” of our eyes and ears.

Let’s be clear, the sites and podcast you suggest should be orthodox, edifying and instructive in the true faith. Let me get started by suggesting a few podcasts and sites I find helpful. Use comments to suggest your own.

EWTN has some great podcasts of its shows here: EWTN PODCASTS I especially like the “Open-Line” call-in shows where listeners to EWTN Radio call in with questions about the faith 

EWTN and Catholic Answers also offer a huge number of talks, debates and classes as mp3 downloads here: Catholic Talks and Teaching

I Podcast my own sermons, talks and Bible Studies here: Sermons by Msgr. Pope

Lot’s of varied Catholic podcast and other media formats are here: SQPN

Patrick Madrid a Catholic teacher and apologist has a lot of material here, some free, some for sale: Patrick Madrid

John Martignoni, a Catholic teacher and apologist offers a lot of free mp3 downloads here: Bible Christian Society

A 12 part Series by Scott Hahn on Mary is here: Hail Holy Queen

I know there are countless others but here is a start. Suggest others to our attention.

So here it is. Custody of the eyes and ears does not mean just shuttering your world and living with your head in the sand. It means directing your gaze in the proper direction and listening to what really helps. Load your iPod and get started. Before you know it your mind and heart will begin to change and, little by little you will acquire the mind and heart of Christ. Load those iPods  with something Catholic and start walking (great way to lose weight too)!   

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    Good Info!

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    What are a couple of good books about Custody of the Eyes?

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    Very important father…

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