Come to the Party!

What if you threw a party and nobody came? You’d be heartbroken, of course, as you’d be let down by those you love.

Jesus spoke of a party in today’s gospel- a wedding banquet thrown by a king for his son. Many were invited, but nobody came. The king, we’re meant to understand, is God the Father; Jesus himself is the king’s son.

This parable is about the “kingdom of heaven,” which is a kingdom of love, because God is love. And because God is love, he treasures relationships. That’s why so many are invited to the wedding party! But no one was compelled to come. With love, there’s no such thing as an offer we can’t refuse.

Sadly, in Jesus’ parable many did refuse to come to the party, because they were indifferent, rude, or downright hostile and angry. Will this be our choice as well? Or will we accept Love’s invitation to love like him? After all, this is a party we don’t want to miss! And we wouldn’t want to let down our host.

Readings for today’s Mass:

Photo Credit: alibree via Creative Commons

2 Replies to “Come to the Party!”

  1. In light of the previous parable about the vineyard tenants, as well as the words “many are called but few are chosen”, I think Jesus is talking about the new priesthood which would fulfill the Jewish priesthood.

  2. Yes, the initial audience of these words were those particular Jewish persons who were rejecting Jesus’ message. But we’re all invited today- and we all need to make that choice. Often every day!

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