How long is this prayer?

OK – It has been over a month since my last posting. And just today, I realized that I fell into the very trap that I often preach to others about avoiding – namely, rushing your relationship with God.

How long is this prayer?

I was recently at a meeting. This meeting had an ambitious agenda and I was worried that we would not cover all of the items in a timely manner. The meeting started with prayer and the prayer was longer than normal. It was so long in fact that I actually found myself looking up from the table and, instead of praying with everyone else, I was wondering, “How long is this prayer?”

Don’t rush your relationship with God

Providentially, I immediately recognized the absurdity of my thought and joined everyone else in prayer. However, on my way home, I started to reflect on other ways I may have been trying to rush through my relationship with God. Do I get impatient because Mass is going a little longer than expected? Do I forget to say grace before my meals? Do I neglect going to a Bible study class because I am too busy? Do I go too long between blog posts? (A definite “yes” to the last question)

Love is patient

I suspect that many of us are more susceptible to this trap at Christmas time. The traffic around popular shopping areas is heavier. Even the local pharmacy and grocery store are difficult to navigate quickly. My calendar quickly fills up with extra commitments during the month of December. At times, I feel hurried, anxious and edgy. But, in his letter to the Corinthians, Paul reminds us that with our God, “Love is patient” (1 Cor 13:4)

Take the time to pray. It is time well spent!

My prayer for myself and for you is that your love is patient especially during the Christmas season. And if you find yourself looking at your watch during Mass, forgetting to say grace before meals or asking yourself “How long is this prayer?” remember, we have a God that is willing to listen to us ramble on for hours if necessary. God’s love is patient and no prayer is too long or too short!

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  1. I actually need some help getting a closer relationship with God. It’s rather complicated as to why I feel that I don’t have a close relationship with God right now. It’s kind of strange, when I go through a rough time (I just got over being sick for 2 months on and off, had frustrations with work), I tend to dissociate more and stay away from the church. My reasoning in my head is that I don’t want people to see me going through a rough time, but maybe my reasoning also is that I don’t want God to see me go through a rough time. I will also mention, in case any one has any thoughts, that since I had developed PTSD, I have had more trouble with going away from the Church for a while and dissociating from things. I know what I need is actually to spend more time at church, in Adoration and praying, but I seem to have hit a roadblock into getting there. I enjoyed reading your post, and glad to see you writing again!

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