Angels as Evangelizers

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Guardian Angels. It would be hard to improve on Msgr. Pope’s excellent blog last week. So, rather than do that, I’d like to propose that we can learn something about evangelization from the angels. After all, one of the primary missions of angels is to announce good news. Dr. Jem Sullivan in a recent talk at the John Paul II Cultural Center, suggested that angels show us how our lives can radiate the message and truth of the Gospel.

Pope Benedict also pointed to the enduring presence of angels in his address to public officials at Westminster Hall when he pointed to the painting on the ceiling of the hall and said “The angels looking down on us from the magnificent ceiling of this ancient hall remind us of the long tradition from which British Parliamentary democracy has evolved. They remind us that God is constantly watching over us to guide and protect us. And they summon us to acknowledge the vital contribution that religious belief has made and can continue to make to the life of the nation.”

It seems fitting today to thank God for the gift of our guardian angel and to thank our guardian angel for staying so close to God and to us.