Thank God it’s Friday (even during Lent)

What’s for dinner?

I know I am not the only one who does this – When I got home yesterday (Friday), I realized that I had only meat in the refrigerator for dinner. So, I traipsed out to the grocery store to buy some fish.  In the express line, I noticed that the person in front of me had fish and a few spices. The person in front of him had fish and a few other items. I, of course, was purchasing the same thing.

It is like Christmas Eve – just not as expensive

When I got to cashier, she asked me, “What’s with the fish? Everyone is buying up fish like it is on super sale.” I responded, “Everyone is buying up fish because it is a Friday during Lent.” After I explained our Catholic tradition some more, she then said, “So, it is kind of like Christmas Eve at the Mall, just not as expensive.”
I have to admit that this was probably the first time I linked Lent to Christmas Eve. And I had to really ponder how this cashier came to that connection. What does grocery shopping during Lent have to do with last minute Christmas gifts?

I think perhaps in the simple act of buying fish, my fellow Christians and I were participating in a public display of our faith. The only difference is that unlike Christmas, the TV news did not have a reporter on the scene to interview last minute grocery costumers. Can you imagine a reporter asking, “Do you always wait until Friday evening to buy your fish for dinner?”

Hey everyone – I am a proud Catholic!

Brothers and sisters, Lent can be a great evangelization tool. My wife mentioned that at a lunch meeting yesterday, in the midst of a buffet of beef and chicken, the only acceptable food for her was a tuna sandwich. It was quickly surmised that everyone who chose this relatively bland meal was a practicing Catholic. And in a very subtle way, those Catholics were evangelizing their faith.

Enjoy your last minute shopping

I love Lent because it allows us to celebrate Catholic traditions such as fasting and abstinence without the secularization that encroaches on Christmas and Easter. I hope you had a wonderful dinner last night.   And, I suggest that you wait until Friday evening to do your grocery shopping. Happy Lent!

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    1. I don’t know about that, but I’ve noticed that when Lent comes, McDonald’s and Wendy’s start advertising their fish sandwiches.

  1. I’m really quite amazed how far we have fallen from the Word of God to the meaningless traditions of men.

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