Evangelization on the Run

AB20711Last week a friend and I were on a run, and at one point we decided to take a break and walk for a block, continuing the conversation we were having about Satan’s lies and Christ’s redeeming grace. Hearing a conversation like this at a faith sharing meeting would be fairly normal, but for the woman walking just a few feet ahead of us I’m sure our conversation was a bit out of the ordinary.

We were saying that when we sin Satan makes us think that we are completely unworthy, unforgivable, and unlovable. He tells us that we cannot change and that, since we are sinners, we are not welcome in the Church community either to serve or be served. In contrast we affirmed that in Christ we can repent, leave our sin and shame behind us, and fully participate in the life of the Church.

I have no idea if that woman knew Christ or not or whether she was part of the Church community or not, but I have a feeling that God put her within earshot for a reason! And I pray that Christ touched her heart that day with His words of forgiveness and hope.

Then I got to thinking…how often does it happen that we eavesdrop on the conversations going on around us? All the time! So what if we Christians had conversations like this in public more often? I’ve heard of different evangelizing teams doing this on the subway where they start a “random” conversation in hopes that the people nearby will hear the Truth of Christ. Not a bad idea! Try it!

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  1. Laura:

    Loved your story. I blogged on it over at Intentional Disciples (blog.siena.org) and told people to check out your blog. God bless you and your work!

  2. While I am certainly in favour of Christians discussing their faith in public, we should be aware that contrived spontaneity will not work well as an evangelisation tool…simply because there is a dishonest element in it.

    Your reflections on Satan and Christ are taken to heart.

  3. I have found that talking on the phone is a great way to have a conversation heard. Some of us would go on a bus and “speak” to the a friend on the phone. This friend would have deep questions about the faith and I would try to answer some of his questions. As you speak to your friend you will notice others listening. If you plan on doing this make sure your phone is off or else it may actually ring while you are “talking” to someone else.

  4. I’m all for open conversations…just not loud, situationally insensitive cell-phone linked ones!

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