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Tag: thanksgiving

Thanksgiving as a Remedy for the Soul – AND – How to Add 1000 Calories to Your Thanksgiving Turkey

November 22, 2011 9 Comments

At the heart of thanksgiving is not just food, but also family and fellowship. And, in these busy and distracted times we don’t have enough of these. But communion with God and each other is a foretaste of heaven. On the road to Emmaus Jesus gave a poignant picture of heaven: walking, talking and dining. […]

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On The Grace of Gratitude – A Thanksgiving Meditation

November 24, 2010 31 Comments

One of the dangers in presenting New Testament moral teaching is that the preacher or teacher risks reducing the Gospel to a moralism. In other words the moral truth that is proclaimed is reduced merely to another rule that I am supposed to keep out of my own flesh power. This is an incorrect notion […]

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40 Reasons for Coming Home – Reason # 35 – A Fitting Thanksgiving

April 14, 2009 0 Comments

Reason # 35 – A Fitting Thanksgiving – In the Book of Psalms the psalm writer asks, “What return can I ever make to the Lord for all the good He has done for me?” The very next verse of the psalm answers the question: “The cup of salvation I will lift up and I […]

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