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Tag: pro-life

Pondering Abortion in the African American Community

February 27, 2011 38 Comments

Last week came the news of a showdown of sorts in the New York area regarding abortion in the Black community. The Billboard that you see at the right was displayed in SoHo section of New York and says, The Most Dangerous Place for and African American is in the Womb. The billboard was placed […]

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To Stand Up for Life is to Experience Life!

January 24, 2011 0 Comments

If you have ever had the exciting privilege of being in Washington for the Pro-Life March you how true it is that  you always leave exhausted, but more alive than you came. The Pro-life March, for a Catholic especially, is really more than just the March, it is  a series of activities. In the days immediately […]

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The Miracle of Life – A Meditation on Mystery and Beauty of Life as we March

January 23, 2011 12 Comments

The magnificence of life is really too wonderful too describe. But I found this description some years ago which summons reverence by its very ability to baffle the mind: MIRACLE OF LIFE– Consider the miracle of the human body.  Its chemistry is just as extraordinarily well tuned as is the physics of the cosmos.  Our […]

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Why I will go to the March for Life

January 21, 2011 0 Comments

As a follow up to Msgr. Pope’s post “I have a dream about the Pro-Life March” I would like to offer my reason for going to downtown Washington on Monday. In the Archdiocese of Washington virtually every deacon ordained in the past ten years or so spends one summer of their formation working in a […]

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Life is Worth Living: On the Strength and Resilience of the Human Person

January 14, 2011 19 Comments

One of the rights our modern age demands is the right to declare that certain lives are not worth living. In utero testing sometimes reveals the possibility or even the certainty of birth defects. Abortion is often recommended to mothers who carry “defective” children and sometimes that recommendation becomes pressure. It is said that almost […]

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The Conversion of the World Begins with Me. A Pastor’s Reflection On A Brutal Weekend

January 9, 2011 50 Comments

Every now and then the Lord just has you look at something in depth and experience it to the top. It was that sort of weekend for me and the Lord was clear that he wanted me to meditate deeply and experience personally the tragedy of the taking of  human life.  Put more positively, the […]

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It’s a Wonder-filled Life. A Meditation on the Mystery of Our Life

December 9, 2010 0 Comments

Most of you have seen the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  More on that in a moment. But for now, the word “wonderful” is most commonly understood by most people simply to mean “really great.” But the word “wonderful” actually means “filled with wonder.” Who  of us can understand the incredible mystery of our own […]

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UPDATED – Illustrating an Atrocity By Acting Atrociously – A Chilling Website Approaches It’s Horrifying Deadline

November 22, 2010 53 Comments

SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM –  You may have heard that there is terrifying site out on the Internet called Birth or Not.  A couple that is expecting a child is pondering whether to keep the baby or abort him. They want you to vote, claiming that your vote will influence their final decision. In 15 […]

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