Cats at Christmas

I grew up with dogs, not cats.

Now that I live in the city, though, I have taken to cats because they are generally less trouble; they don’t need a yard to run around in or a daily walk.

However, trying to decorate a Christmas tree with a cat in the room can be a challenge. They chase the lights as you’re trying to string them up. They climb in the branches of the tree. They like to bat at the ornaments, sometimes even breaking a few. It can be a riot, particularly at first, but the entertainment value decreases substantially over time. In the end, though, pets are a wonderful gift from God.

I’m sure that cats don’t realize what clowns they really are. Enjoy a little humor, from God to you, through cats.

One Reply to “Cats at Christmas”

  1. Yes, cats and dogs are a wonderful gift from God! In fact, all and I mean ALL of creation is a perfect gift of beauty that nothing, NOTHING can rival. God has indeed blessed us with so much marvel, intricacy, detail, delicateness, grandeur,to the entire universe to the smallest part unseen. I can’t wait to meet Him who designed, brought to life and sustains us all here and in His heaven. It is all so overwhelming.

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