Cardinal Wuerl Launches a Blog

I am glad to see that Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington, has launched a blog, “Seek First the Kingdom,” Cardinal Wuerl writes that his plan for the blog is to take the teaching of the Catholic Church and “to share why it is that our Catholic faith brings so much to the world around us, why we are all empowered to begin to manifest the kingdom of God and what we can do to make sure that things don’t become one great mess.”

He uses a good focal story to illustrate the kind of reminders we need to give to people today. For indeed, many in our culture discount the critical role that faith has played in crafting a better world. Some even demonize our history, role and place. I look forward to reading future posts and encourage you to create a bookmark, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Cardinal Wuerl writes, My hope is that in this digital world we will have an opportunity, as Pope Benedict XVI once said, ‘to meet each other beyond the confines of space’ in a way that we might create ’an entirely new world of potential friendships.’


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  1. Dear Cardinal Wurel:

    Will read for a while. The problem with most blogs is that they are to long. I quit the readers digest because their stories stopped being short and got to long. I don’t have the time to read a lot. I am a 24/7 care giver and time with me is limited. I would love to read your articles if not to long. Just give me the guts f the story and leave out all the build up. Mchael T.O’Shea

    1. Well, of course you should post this on the Cardinal’s blog. But as for length, I would only add that while brevity has its place, Catholicism is not a slogan religion. We are a very “thoughtful” faith which makes important distinctions, and elaborations not always and easily reduced to just the “guts” of the story. Our modern demand for brevity has its place but may also say something about our attention span and preference for surface treatments, rather than in-depth consideration. Catholicism has depths that ought to be set forth, even on blogs.

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