Decaying West File: England to Permit Abortionists to Run T.V. Commercials

If I were to ask you what the purpose of advertising is, you would likely answer that it’s purpose is to increase the sales and profits associated with a product. And you would be right. Advertising also exists to build brand recognition and good will toward a product, making people more inclined to use it with greater frequency.

With this in mind consider the following excerpt from an article in the Telegraph, a newspaper in the U. K.

TV advertisements for commercial abortion clinics given go ahead

Private clinics which carry out abortions will be allowed to advertise on television and radio for the first time, under new rules.

By Laura Donnelly, and Jonathan Wynne-Jones
9:00PM BST 02 Jul 2011

Under the draft recommendations, drawn up by the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice, which regulates TV and radio commercials, dozens of independent hospitals carrying out abortions will be able to advertise their services to consumers.

Until now, restrictions have meant abortion clinics can only advertise their services if they are not run for profit. Because of the rules, just one advert, by charity Marie Stopes International has ever been aired, last year, to great controversy, and more than 4,500 complaints.

Last night Joanne Hill, from the pro-life charity Life expressed “utter disbelief” at the recommendations, which she described as unacceptable. She said: “To allow commercial abortion providers to advertise on TV, as though they were no different from car companies or detergent manufacturers, is shocking and exceeds the bounds of responsible advertising. “By suggesting that abortion is yet another consumer choice human life is trivialised and the distress and heartache faced by a woman making this irrevocable decision, which ends the life of her child, is glossed over.”

The new code for TV and radio advertising, on which consultation began last week, has also angered pro-life groups because it says that if they run commercials promoting services offering counselling to pregnant women, they must make explicit the fact they would not refer for terminations.

Ann Furedi, chief executive of bpas said: “BPAS [an abortion provider] is a charity that promotes choice; we have no interest – financial or otherwise – in encouraging women to have abortions.

Full article is here: Abortion Ads

Well, of course the final line is questionable at best. Since the purpose of advertising is to increase sales, and BPAS make its money on the abortion, it is rather a stretch to ask me to believe that they are not trying to drum up an increased number of abortions. According to a section of the article not excerpted above, financial statements from abortion provider BPAS  list increases in the number of terminations as significant goals achieved [in the last fiscal year]. Clearly their goal is to “sell” more abortions and that is why they want to advertise, to use their own words, “increase the number of terminations.”
In this country Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers often claim that their only goal is to provide “alternatives” to women. They like, in their annual reports, to cloak the true numbers and percentages of abortion “services” they offer. But in 2010 a closer look at their data shows that 97.6 percent of pregnant women going to Planned Parenthood were sold abortions while  2.4 percent of pregnant women received non-abortion services including adoption and prenatal care [1, 2].  Almost 40% of its income is derived from selling abortions. Planned Parenthood is heavily invested in and dependent on selling abortions. They and other abortion “providers” have little interest in reducing the number of abortions.
Speaking of Ad campaigns, you may recall that back in Christmas of 2008 Planned Parenthood outrageously ran their “Choice on Earth” campaign and included Christmas “gift certificates” that could be used for abortion services. It was a hideous reversal of the Christmas Feast that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Planned Parenthood audaciously invited people to celebrate the Christmas season by purchasing gift certificates to help others terminate life by abortion and prevent it by contraception.  Not so Merry Christmas indeed.
Advertising, in any form has the goal of selling more of the product. Remember this, for  TV ads promoting abortion providers will soon come to this land too. They will be thinly veiled as providing “alternatives” to pregnant women. But remember the goal. Ads may have a minor goal in providing information, but their major goal is always clear: sell more of the product and thereby, increase the profit.