If Angels Could be Jealous….

If Angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion– St. Maximilian Kolbe

Costly Meal – As we prepare for the Feast of Corpus Christi it is proper for us to meditate on the great dignity we have in being fed by Christ with his very own Body and Blood. Every other meal that is provided us is given by someone who must prepare something outside themselves. They may expend money and time (precious gifts indeed) but Jesus expended his very own life. We receive his Body that was handed over and his blood that was shed. It is a costly meal indeed.  

Consoling Reparation – How sad it is that so many consider it of so little significance that only 27% of Catholics bother attending Mass each Sunday in these nonspiritual and distracted times. You might consider making reparation for this neglect by becoming especially devoted as you receive Holy Communion. When Jesus was rejected for teaching on the Eucharist and many would no longer follow him on account of it, he sadly turned to the Apostles and said, “Will you also leave me?” (Jn 6:67) As you receive Communion worthily and with devotion consider that your Amen is consoling to Christ and to His Bride, the Church, and is an affirmation of what Peter said that sad day: “Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of Eternal Life.” (John 6:68). Let our especially fervent “Amens” cancel out the indifference or ignorance of others.

Constitutive Meal– There is an old saying that “You are what you eat.” Somehow what we eat through the miraculous process of digestion becomes the very stuff of which we are made. It is the same with receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. If we are faithful and receive him fruitfully we gradually become the one we receive. If you have been faithful to Holy Communion for years then you know this is true. I can say that I have seen sins put to death in me, virtues come alive, and am gradually experiencing that Jesus’ life is replacing my own. Jesus is more and more the very one I am becoming.

Call to Evangelize – Do you have a similar witness? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how your faithful reception of Communion has been changing your life. And then start to tell your children and grandchildren. Jesus warns, “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his Blood, you have no life in you.” (Jn 6:53). Warn your relatives who are away and tell them what Jesus says of those who do not receive Holy Communion, that they have no life and are starving themselves to death spiritually. But don’t just warn them. Be prepared to tell them how you have greater life on account of the Eucharist. Tell your story, your experience.  

Some one did a very beautiful videography job here recording Highlights of the First Holy Communion Mass at Sacred Heart in Medford, Oregon on May 16, 2009. Enjoy this brief video entitled: I angels could be Jealous….

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  1. I have nothing useful to add, Father, but my gratitude. I am so new, so emotional, even more so now than a year ago, and if what you say is true, and I believe you, I cannot imagine what it will be like in another year or ten or twenty — more like Christ! — I have tears in my eyes.

    Every time the priest “breaks” the Bread, I feel that Christ’s body is being broken for us, so that we may live. I can hear the snapping and it sounds like bones breaking (though not one bone of our Lord was broken). It makes me want to be good. For Him.

    I was taught to take the Host in my hands but recently, I’ve started receiving Him on my tongue, and I cannot explain the difference except that I’ve not been fed anything in decades and I am literally being fed the Body of Christ. He transforms me.

  2. I just came across this: http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/mir/lanciano.html and I think WOW! But if this happened in my church, I’m afraid I’d be queasy to partake. Is this a terrible thing to say even though I know what a huge miracle this is? I am grateful that the Real Presence of Christ does not change the texture because my very human tongue prefers Bread and Wine.

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