Despite Her Pain, She Chose Life

The video below is a very moving story about a child who was conceived as the result of a rape. But his mother, despite her pain chose life. She brought him to term and the child, Ryan, was adopted by a large family of what became 13 Children, 10 of them adopted.

It is thought by many that rape and incest should be exceptions to the opposition to abortion.  But the more radical and true position of the Christian faith is that no child is unwanted or unplanned by God. We may not always understand the reasons and circumstances of every conception,  but God wills every human life, even those conceived by rape. This video beautifully depicts that God can draw good even from unspeakable and heinous acts.

Many centuries ago Joseph was sold into slavery by his envious brothers. He wound up in Egpyt and by his sheer giftedness became the Prime Minister of that Land. His position enabled him later to save the very brothers who had sold him into slavery. As Joseph stood before his brothers he said, You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives  (Gen 50:20).

As for Ryan’s mother, in 1970 she experienced a great evil, but God drew good from it, and despite her pain she chose life.

Enjoy this moving video that depicts the potential and beauty of every human life, no matter how we are conceived. Behold what follows from one woman’s selfless choice.

12 Replies to “Despite Her Pain, She Chose Life”

  1. What a beautiful story about how God can truly bless all situations! I thank Ryan’s mother for her self-less gift and faith in God!

  2. Beautiful story, beautiful video. Such a rare occasion that we get to hear the point of view of the child the world may not have known had his mother not made such a selfless choice. Yes indeed, every life is a gift from God; may all those who realised this gift in Ryan – especially his biological mother and his adoptive parents – be richly blessed.

  3. Your biological mum is a brave and courages woman! She didn’t allow adversity to disillusion her faith in GOD! Praise the Lord.!

  4. That IS a beautiful story. It is so hard for women who have faced such evil, but I am glad she was brave enough and true enough to make that choice! She is an inspiration to other women who might be having doubts after facing bad things in life.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story with many who read Internet, as it could well inspire others who, due to despair are about to abort. Life is too precious and a gift from God.

  6. This is a very touching story and I sincerely hope it has a profound spiritual influence on those who read it. The world needs to change its attitude and thinking on human life.

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