Storm Journal

I have written on the snow previously. You are likely aware that we are in a blizzard here in Washington. The video below was called to my attention by New Advent  site and the Deacon’s Bench Blog. It is a fascinating time lapse of storm on last Saturday.

I also include my own photos here Msgr Pope Photos of Storms on Feb 6 and 10 if you’d  like to look at them. You can click on slideshow or view them individually. They depict the storms of the past week in various stages. I enhanced a lot of photos I took today and filtered out the blizzard whiteout effects so they don’t make it seem as bad as it was. But at least you can see a few things!

And here’s the wonderful video showing how God really piled on.

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  1. Really great video! I am glad I didn’t have to work in this blizzard (got lucky and got December’s), but I haven’t been entirely unproductive, either. I’ve been helping dig out elderly neighbors, and unearth cars. I’ve also gone on walks with my dad to see if other people needed help, too (been getting cabin fever).

    I think I can now say that the snow will be up to my chin soon. It was up to my waist before the white-out blizzard of today – really stinks being a short person sometimes. I enjoy reading your blog posts and those of our other authors!

    1. I really like your pics too by the way – funny how you got a pic of kids snowboarding down the steps of the church. All those parked cars looked like little mounds of snow!

  2. I am soooo not looking forward to digging out tomorrow morning. I hope my colleagues don’t mind if I show up smelling like Ben-Gay (presuming I can even get out of my neighborhood).

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