Jesus vs Terminator

What would happen if Hollywood got hold of salvation history? The following video is meant to be funny and it is. But consider that it unwittingly makes a very important point. You see, Hollywood loves the happy ending and notions like the cross are quite foreign there. Hence, in this clip the Terminator, (Arnold!) won’t let Jesus die! According to Hollywood Jesus, our hero has to live. Now if Hollywood with its worldly perspective got its way we’d still be dead in our sins. An old Gospel song says, “He would not come down from that Cross just to save himself. He decided to die just to save me.”

So now that you’ve permitted me to be serious for just a moment, enjoy a rather silly video, though please overlook the “cartoonish” violence that is part of the shtick.

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  1. Well, that’s the sad history of all of mankind, isn’t it? People wanting to impose on God their own view of what God should do and how He should do it — that He got it all wrong and, hence, the need for a “reboot” and “reimagining” of the series?

    I don’t know about the last 1900 years, but one can see some definite parallels between the modern-day (including Hollywood) and it’s idea of what a Messiah should be and what they thought back when Jesus came — a largely political figure concerned with power.

    In today’s Hollywood, “SH 2.0” would have people “oppressed” by all sorts of bad guys, like the corporations, certain political parties, old men in religious garb, and that uncaring absentee landlord, God, who is the most responsible for keeping people down, especially with all His oppressive rules, not to mention His cruel streak. Then comes along Jay-C, who is all hip and cool, to take them all on, including his abusive dad. He would be into social activism, perhaps wearing a Che t-shirt. We would see him leading a march on Pilate’s house, and he would tell the story of the Good Samaritan, who upon seeing a wounded guy in the ditch would go chase down the prior two people who passed them and seize all of their money. Eventually, Jay-C would go into politics and become president of the world. His attempt at “change” to create a heaven on earth — a heaven that mankind deserves, that is their fundamental right — is of course opposed by the power structures, who take pleasure in keeping people down and seeing them suffer. There would be an attempted military coup by your typical Hollywood bloodthirsty generals, but it would fail. Ultimately, after a long hard march — which involves forcibly taking everything from the haves (including that abusive dad and absentee landlord) and giving it to, oh, not the have-nots, but the elites, who need it in order to show the have-nots that they will provide for them — then we suddenly see a paradise world, the sky filled with rainbows, with those formerly in power kept in zoos for people to laugh at them and make sport of.

    Of course, Hollywood is also filled with copycats, often with multiple movies about the same thing coming out at the same time. So, in addition, Hollywood would give us another film, the story of a struggling writer, Paul, a racist, bigoted, anti-woman, homophobe, who sits down and makes up all these fanciful and totally fabricated stories about some guy named Jesus, and he gets some help by some other fiction writers who help him build up the narrative, all so that these misogynist men can acquire power and wealth from poor ignorant peasants.

    (By the way, Hollywood did produce the “Jesus can’t die” version. It was called “The Last Temptation of Christ.”)

  2. I remember when this first aired on the MadTV Christmas episode way back in the 90’s. I actually have this recorded on VHS!

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