The Dignity of Every Human Life

The following video details the life of Eliot Hartman Mooney. Eliot was diagnosed with a rare disease that made it unlikely he would even make it to birth. Against all odds he made his appearance and taught his family and friends many important lessons without ever uttering one word.

I have no doubt that it is difficult to raise a disabled child. But every human life is important and every human person has something to say, some glory of God to manifest.

The less I say about this video the better, I’d just get in the way of its powerful and important message:

One Reply to “The Dignity of Every Human Life”

  1. With all due respect, I often wonder why you allow Catholic members of Congress who reside in DC, to receive Holy Communion. If you believe the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ, how can you allow this very sacred host to be given to such public sinners. Are you not defying the Pope whose letter was concealed by Cardinal McCarrick, who by the way is supposed to be a Shepherd of his people, a letter which was to guide priests and bishops in allowing Communion to Catholic politicans? Quite frankly you and other Cardinals who seem to disregard for whatever reasons (money, friends of politicians, power) your duty to guide and lead your members but yet defy Church teachings and guidance from the Pope. You and others have caused me and other Catholic friends to questions the Church. It appears there is a bloodless civil war in the Church today between those who promote social justice and disregard, the greatest social injustice is abortion and those who adhere to the teachings of the Church. It is really scandelous for me to defend the Church in the hypocracy created by the Princes of the Church. I cannot judge the souls of the politicians but by their pro-abortion stance, they are public sinners and as such should be denied the Eucharist. Do you not realize what a mockery you are making of the Body and Blood of Christ. I pray daily for you and the other Princes that you will stand up for what is right. What we need is a chuch composed of orthodox priests and Princes even if the numbers are much smaller.

    I pray for you,

    Virgnia Paganelli

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