Seeing is NOT Believing

Some people say that if they could see they would believe. But seeing is not believing, seeing is only seeing.

Consider the video just below. It looks like a miracle before your very eyes. Is it a miracle or just some fancy illusion. Most people even upon seeing what looks like it can only be a miracle usually conclude that it is a trick or that there is “some way they do that.”

Now remove these magicians in the video and go with me back in time as Jesus works a miracle. Presume for a moment that you’ve never met Jesus or heard of him. Yet watch him cast out blindness or enable a paralyzed man to walk. Is it a miracle, or is it a clever trick? Should you really beleive his claims to be from God and to be God based on these wonderful works? Has Jesus staged this well or is he really the Son of God? You see? It still takes faith doesn’t it? You just can’t substitute for faith, it is an absolute requirement to accept who Jesus is. Miracles can help but seeing is not believing, it’s only seeing. In the end you have to decide: fancy trick or real miracle? Son of God or just a skilled illusionist?

Watch this video and see what look like real miracles before your very eyes. But pay attention to what your mind does and how quickly you can dismiss the visual evidence. Seeing even fantastic things just isn’t enough. In this case they likely are not miracles, just very well done illusions. But many saw  Jesus work wonders which relly were miracles and it was not enough. You have to have faith. In other words, some people think if only God would work miracles in their life, they could believe. But miracles alone cannot bring faith because seeing is not believing it is only seeing.

Cumulative evidence can bring us to accept God’s existence as a reasonable proposition but only faith can really lead us to believe all that God has said. Pray for faith and you will see miracles, and more!

Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence  of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)

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  1. I can recall a friend of mine, who questioned the Eucharist, in that the bread and wine being actually the body and blood of Jesus. He said sooo, is there some type of magical mystical trick you all have going on at your church? I said to him, not magical but mysteriously mystical. We talked about “Faith” in believing in the truth. We talked about the Priest, in the role of Christ and also the very words spoken by Jesus in scripture, in which he say he have faith in the bible. He just could not get. I’m famous for pulling out my catechism, a wonderful source which helps us to express what we truly already know to the inquiring minds of those who are not Catholic. ( I wonder what mass would be like if one day Monsignor consecrates the bread and wine and he holds up the body and when the parishioners, those who are paying attention, looks up at the host and sees little fingers or the face of Jesus! 🙂

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